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Use Social Media to Connect Your eCommerce Business with Consumers

One in three internet users will go to social media when looking for more information about a brand or product. What do your pages say about your eCommerce website?

Our talented social media team at 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing will work to build your brand, interact with your audience, and show your customers the personality behind your logo. Plus, we can develop paid social posts to grow your audience, make people aware of your products, and ultimately, get customers to shop on your website.

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Attract Friends and Followers

We know how to cultivate an online following and increase click-through rates for your eCommerce business. We will create and manage accounts on the social media networks where your customers gather. Our effective promotion plans build a consistent tone by promoting your best content and your brand message.

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What good is your sales funnel if you’re not using it properly? See how we surpassed this company’s goal of $1 million.

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Like It, Tweet It, Pin It, Snap It

1SEO’s social media experts have experience using every major social media platform — from the big names to the up-and-coming. We adapt our strategy to each platform and target audience. You’ll benefit from marketing and paid ads on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and the two biggest names in modern eCommerce social advertising: Instagram and Pinterest.

Get with the Insta-Program

Instagram has 500 million monthly active users, and 68% of them engage with brands (compared to 32% for Facebook). In fact, Instagram users’ brand engagement is eight times greater than users on any other social media platform.

With your Instagram account, we will share valuable content, engage with followers, and boost your brand awareness. We will also create beautiful Instagram ads that make it easy for customers to buy your product in as few clicks as possible.

Take an Interest in Pinterest

Pinterest now boasts 150 million active users, and 70% use this social media platform for inspiration on what to buy. Our social team will connect your business with powerful influencers and new customers. There are also a variety of “pins” that will help you get more leads:

  • Buyable Pins let users buy your products directly on Pinterest.
  • Product Pins introduce customers to valuable information about your product (like price, availability, and where to buy it).
  • Promoted Pins allow you to pick a pin and show it to a targeted audience.

We Always Stay On-Trend

We also keep an eye on the latest social media trends as we continuously adapt your business’s promotions strategy. We take advantage of features that can be used to highlight your products, like carousel ads on Facebook, and pair engaging copy with compelling imagery to entice your customers to click.

Results That Are Easy to Follow

You will see a measurable ROI from your social media campaign, and the experts at 1SEO will give you full communication and transparency. Plus, if you ever have a question, you can reach out to any member of your social media team.

It’s Time to Be More Social

Our team at 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing will help you grow your social media presence and make a positive lasting impression on your customers. To learn more about social media strategies or other advertising channels like PPC for your eCommerce site, contact us for a free consultation today.


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