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Your eCommerce business values high-quality products, strong customer relationships, and positive brand recognition. Your website should help you achieve them. Fortunately, our award-winning eCommerce website development agency has the experts and resources that can take your online store from drab to fab.

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Developing the Best eCommerce Websites

Our eCommerce web design solutions — including Shopify website development and Magento website development — optimize the usability of your website, bolster customer experience, and leave a lasting impression with your target audience that will have them coming back for even more purchases down the line.

These days, we do nearly everything online — and shopping is no exception. If you’re selling anything from apparel to pre-packaged food and beyond, a powerful eCommerce site offers you the chance to build your brand, make meaningful connections with your customers, and sell more of your product. However, you can only reap these sorts of benefits with the right eCommerce web design.

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When it comes to eCommerce, web design is crucial. Solid eCommerce website design is all about using the right fonts, colors, imagery, words, and graphics to entice visitors and encourage them to make a purchase. Your eCommerce web design should attract potential customers, provide an extraordinary user experience, and present your offerings — and online shop as a whole — in the best light possible.

Not only does your site need to look good and feel on-brand; it needs to drive visitors to take action. While it may seem easier said than done, fortunately, our experienced eCommerce web developers are intimately familiar when it comes to best practices — and common pitfalls to avoid — when it comes to selling anything over the internet.

When you turn to our eCommerce website development agency, here’s what our team will help ensure:

Convenient Navigation, Filtering, and Search Functionality

People shop online for a multitude of reasons, although the biggest one is convenience. How much will a user really buy if they feel uncomfortable? The chief UX eCommerce web design trend of today is to create a site that makes life easier for consumers and frictionlessly take them to the most important step — or steps, if you’re looking for several targeted actions like leaving contact information, registering, etc. To achieve this, everything needs to be logical and flow from one point to another. Our eCommerce web development specialists will ensure there’s an easy-to-follow navigation hierarchy.

Beauty and Brand Personality

Scannable menus, drop-downs, and other navigation elements are the backbone of great eCommerce web design — but, of course, it’s not everything. In fact, it’s just the beginning! No one wants to engage with a site that’s strictly utilitarian. After all, visitors to your site will gain a lot more from imagery — including everything from appealing, professional product photography to strategic logo placement — than it will from heaps of copy lording over what you’re selling. Our eCommerce web developers will work with you to refine your site’s visual appeal and infuse brand personality across the board.

Simplicity and Wide Audience Appeal

When it comes to eCommerce web design, a sophisticated, intuitive site doesn’t need to be “busy” to be impactful — in fact, quite the opposite is true. It’s important for nearly any site to be easy to browse and digest, and the same goes doubly true for those in the eCommerce space.

From ample white space, optimal color palette, simple and readable fonts, and so on, our eCommerce website design services account for the visual, functional, and experiential elements that don’t overwhelm your audience, but pave the way for top-funnel audiences, repeat customers, and an overall positive takeaway.

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Shopify Website Development

While you could try managing a Shopify store on your own, it can be incredibly time-consuming if you are not familiar with the platform. Our Shopify website development specialists are able to customize your shop’s design to align with your band. We understand that, as a business owner, you have enough on your plate. Our end-to-end Shopify website development services do the heavy lifting for you.

Why Choose Shopify?

In short, Shopify is an excellent platform for all sorts of different businesses and is impressively versatile. Here are just some of the unique advantages to using Shopify:

A substantial consideration in the world of eCommerce web design is mobile shoppers. Now more than ever, it’s imperative your webstore is mobile-friendly. Designed with mobile responsiveness in mind, our team can help make your store appear impeccable regardless of the device used to visit.

Customer data and company information are vital. Fortunately, Shopify offers SSL certification and PCI to encrypt data. You can feel confident personal and financial information is protected.

Shopify has numerous built-in tools that make it easy to adapt to your eCommerce business. Showcase sale products, offer coupons, and personalize shipping options. In addition, our eCommerce web developers can leverage Shopify’s versatility to implement highly-customizable themes to affect the look and feel of your store.

Shopify has countless unique features and capabilities, but it also possesses the ability to integrate seamlessly with other platforms and tools. Managing all of your workflows in one place helps you gain valuable insight in record time.

Trust 1SEO Digital Agency With Shopify Website Development

Here’s what you can expect from our professionals:

  • Store set-up
  • Store design
  • Theme coding and implementation
  • SEO implementation
  • Apps integration and configuration
  • Payment and shipping zones set-up
  • Product and inventory set-up

1SEO is a trusted Shopify partner agency with the expertise required to integrate your business into Shopify’s platform in no time. We’re highly regarded for our unparalleled level of customer service and committedness to helping our customers succeed. Are you ready to see exceptional results from your online store? Rely on our Shopify website development solutions to get the job done!

Magento Website Development

Thanks to its powerful digital marketing and merchandising toolkit, Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. It offers accessibility and integration with myriad applications through plugins, rendering it highly flexible, scalable, and customizable. Magento — as impressive as it is out of the box — is even more powerful when paired with a team of specialists that can help take your website to the next level. That’s where our eCommerce website development agency comes in.

Our Magento website development team specializes in building, hosting, and supporting Magento eCommerce sites. Our eCommerce web design team collaborates with your business to ensure your site provides an enriched caliber of value to your customers and an optimized experience that lets your business grow.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner up with 1SEO for Magento website development:

  • Customization: Your business is unique — and our eCommerce website development agency believes your digital homebase should be too.
  • UX and UI design: The most effective customer-facing component for nearly any business in today’s digital age is its website. For eCommerce, it’s responsible for conversions and business revenue. Our Magento website development experts apply best practices to build a meaningful user experience for elevated brand visibility.
  • Migration: We can help you migrate to a new version from an earlier Magento release or even another eCommerce platform entirely. By helping you transfer data and so much more, we’ll help deliver an even better version of your site post-migration.

Our Magento website development team has years of experience under their belt, so take it from us — when it comes to configuring your eCommerce site to your business’s needs, it pays to partner with experts who are well-versed in the ins and outs of the platform that makes sense for you. Whether you’re wondering if Magento is right for your online store or need a partner that can help you manage the backend as your venture grows in size, 1SEO’s Magento website development services are your one-stop-shop for success.

How Our Expert eCommerce Web Developers Can Help You Boost Sales

Our eCommerce web development team knows that sound design is one of the most effective tools for growth. Each aspect of your business — from the logo and site architecture — must be strategically designed to maximize the user experience every step of the customer journey. On the other hand, poor design can spell doom for a business.

Here are just some of the ways our eCommerce website development agency can help you boost sales:

Increase Website Load Speeds

If visitors are greeted with inept design and slow load speeds, they are going to bounce before you even have the chance to make a pitch. Many eCommerce stores are photo-heavy, which is a common detriment to lesser sites. However, when you partner up with our eCommerce web developers, you’ll gain access to a team that’s got the technical know-how when it comes to optimize load speeds without sacrificing personality or imagery.

Optimize Your Business for Mobile Access

Our eCommerce web design team has seen it first-hand — the way individuals access the internet has undergone an incredible transformation. Significantly more are visiting sites just like yours from their mobile devices — and to not maximize those users’ experiences is to miss a tremendous opportunity and disregard a large portion of your customer base. Our eCommerce web development team can ensure your website is responsive, so no matter what screen a potential customer is viewing your options on, their experience — and perception of your brand at large — isn’t skewed in any way.

Target Existing Customers with Remarketing

It is more cost-effective to sell to existing customers than acquire new ones. Growing your eCommerce business quickly involves focusing your marketing efforts on gaining repeat sales. Our eCommerce web development team can build and maintain a digital ecosystem that maximize your advertising initiatives and other marketing efforts.

Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

The shopping cart is the final barrier between a potential customer and a sale. Shopping cart abandonment is an issue all businesses in the eCommerce space face. Customers load up their carts with items, but promptly disappear. There are several reasons for cart abandonment — shipping price shock, a convoluted check-out process, and using the cart for “storage” with the intention of purchasing later on, to name a few. Our eCommerce website design professionals can do a thorough investigation of what may cause this, and implement solutions that encourage conversions.

Simple, Seamless Checkout

This may seem like common sense, but it bears repeating: if your customer has to struggle when they land on your check out page, they are much more likely to abandon the purchase altogether — and remember to never visit you again. You spend heaps of time and effort investing in a site that ushers customers to the finish line — don’t make crossing it an obstacle!

From data field optimization, product previews, price transparency, and myriad other techniques, our eCommerce web development experts can help you boost sales by ensuring the checkout process is as great as your products.

Showcase Reviews and Testimonials

One of the first things people do when researching a new product is take a look at customer reviews. What are other people saying about this product? How was their experience with the company at large? This is the sort of information you want potential customers to see. Our eCommerce website design professionals can ensure 5 stars, glowing reviews, and other forms of customer feedback are front and center.

Using Images and Colors Wisely

Utilizing color psychology in your eCommerce website design can give customers a nudge in the right direction. From the color of your site’s background to what shade you make a certain button can do wonders in driving conversion. When you turn to 1SEO for eCommerce web design, you’ll be partnered up with developers and graphic design specialists that will consult you on tones, shades, and general palettes that don’t just inform the visual language of your site, but emulate your company’s values.


If you’re looking for a full makeover, our eCommerce web design company can help! While the idea of a refreshed site may be enticing, you’re almost certainly thinking about how much it’ll cost. We get it! Truth is, your website can be developed in a wide range of ways — including everything functionality upgrades to complete rebranding. Depending on your business objectives, our eCommerce web developers will work with you to create a new site that helps meet your goals while keeping costs to a minimum.

While our eCommerce web design specialists have extensive experience in both platforms, what makes the most sense for you and your business will boil down to certain key factors. These include everything from your existing store, overall goals, budget, ancillary digital marketing initiatives, and so on. Fortunately, after getting to know more about you and your business, professionals at our eCommerce website development agency are able to make informed recommendations as to what platform will work best to boost your operations, drive revenue, and leave a great impression for every single visitor.

eCommerce website design is our specialty — but so is ongoing support! As we all know, eCommerce web design is hardly a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. While strong scaffolding will act as the backbone to your site’s functionality, there will come a time when you want to alter offerings, promote specials, and execute other changes that come standard with any growing business. Upgrading plugins, thwarting bugs, and tending to other technical aspects of your site need to be considered as well. Our eCommerce website developers are ready to help with it all!

Contact Us for Second-to-None eCommerce Web Design and Beyond

Running an eCommerce store is about more than simply selling products to people willing to pay you money for them. It’s about understanding — and connecting to — your target audience and the modern-day consumer at large. An integral part of that involves having a website that checks all of the boxes in terms of brand, simplicity, ease-of-use, and functionality. Our eCommerce website design services can help business owners and online store operators just like you make the most out of these factors.

As an eCommerce web development company, we know that things like UX and UI are incredibly important — but they’re just one part of your online presence. We have several teams of specialists dedicated to ensuring your website isn’t just impactful, but easily found! In addition to eCommerce web design, our experts offer the following solutions:

For more information about how our eCommerce website development agency can help you with high-impact solutions — including Shopify website development and Magento website development — reach out to us today!