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Take advantage of YouTube's advanced targeting technology

Some call YouTube the second biggest search engine in the world. Others call YouTube a form of social media. Whatever it is, it’s a treasure trove for marketers looking to raise awareness for their brand. If you aren’t using YouTube marketing to show video ads for your company, you could be missing a big opportunity.

1SEO Digital Agency is an award-winning company that can manage your YouTube marketing campaign using our experience and proven expertise in PPC advertising and social media marketing.

The revenue-generating results we’ve achieved for our clients, along with strict accreditation testing, has earned us recognition as a Premier Google Partner (top 1% in the country) and a Facebook Marketing Partner.

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Client Testimonials
Julie Potts
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Working with 1SEO has been an incredible experience thus far. They are truly a fresh of breath air! Very attentive, innovative, brilliant and the results have been incredible. We couldn't recommend them enough!
Keith Baldwin
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How many companies have been with their digital marketing company for over 10 YEARS??? We have! They know what they are doing, they continually improve to keep us up to date and relevant and they care about making us successful.
Tami Fox
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Hands down the best marketing firm around! The entire dynamic team at 1SEO helped us achieve our marketing goals by increasing our website traffic and targeting quality business leads.
Matthew Padlo
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I need great people. I’m getting too much lead generation thanks to 1SEO, that I need more A players. Can’t recommend them enough. My new website is OPTIMAL as well thanks to their staff! 5 stars all around.
Nunzio Merla
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Very responsive and informative. The employees are always there to assist immediately. I don't recall a time where a concern I had wasnt responded to in under a half hour.


How It Works

Standard YouTube targeting uses “custom intent” tools, allowing you to target users based on their Google searching behavior. Regardless of what the user is watching on YouTube, your ad can show up if their search activity shows they may be interested in products or services like yours.

For example, if you run a pest control company, you can show ads specifically to people who have looked around Google for pest control services.

Trueview for Actions

This new format focuses on capturing the user on a CPA (cost per acquisition) basis instead of CPV (cost per view). You only pay if the user clicks your link underneath the video ad.

TrueView uses Google’s machine learning to display ads to users, trying to maximize the relevancy to the user.

Types of Video Ads

  • Pre-roll: appears before a video, which the user can skip after 5 seconds
  • In-stream: non-skippable 15-second ads that near the beginning of a video
  • Bumper ads: non-skippable 6-second ads before a video
  • Long in-stream ads: non-skippable ads from 90 seconds to three minutes in the middle of a video
  • Ad-sequence campaign: a more involved tactic that tells a story, serving different videos one at a time. Users won’t see the next video in the sequence unless they watch the previous video 100% of the way through.

Why You Should Choose 1SEO for Your YouTube Marketing

To get a game-changing ROI from advertising on YouTube, you need precise targeting, flawless implementation, and thoughtful analysis of metrics, which informs ongoing changes. These are all concepts we’ve mastered in our successful PPC advertising and social media marketing campaigns.

1SEO has helped thousands of companies with their digital marketing. Our track record, our awards, and our long list of happy clients is a testament to our ability and expertise.

When you work with 1SEO, we evaluate your business, its unique offering and personality, and its current marketing strategies. We are honest and transparent about how we can help you and what level of growth you can expect. We don’t work on long-term contracts. We are confident that, when you work with our well-trained teams and see the results we get for your business, you’ll want to stay with us.