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1SEO Digital Agency has extensive experience in running well-placed eCommerce PPC campaigns. With our ability to create and track standout PPC for eCommerce companies, your business will not only thrive but have the tools to build successful future eCommerce PPC campaigns.


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Take the Competition out of eCommerce PPC

The online marketplace has become a digital version of what the bustling town mall was 30 years ago. It is a jam-packed hub of competing brands, all vying for the attention of consumers. And while storefronts might have changed from brick and mortar locations to digital eCommerce sites, the goal remains the same, marketing your inventory to capture sales.

eCommerce Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns are a great way to get immediate traffic to your sales platform with qualified leads ready to spend their money. Using the experience we’ve built in the online marketplace, 1SEO Digital Agency can help your business by creating channels of revenue you may not even be aware of!

Why Is eCommerce PPC for companies so important?

With an in-depth understanding of eCommerce PPC campaigns, what strategies are needed, and what audiences need to be targeted, any attempts to build a successful eCommerce PPC campaign will easily waste your time and, more importantly, your money. Since eCommerce PPC for companies has become so integral in how businesses now capture consumers, it is critical you hire a company with the tools and knowledge needed to craft customized PPC campaigns that showcase your products and services and build brand awareness. Let’s delve further into what makes a profitable PPC campaign stand out from the rest:

All-Important Brand Awareness in PPC eCommerce Strategies

If you’re just starting out in the eCommerce industry, having a target audience can be difficult to establish without trusted branding. This is where eCommerce PPC campaigns come into play. By utilizing your marketing budget to craft highly targeted eCommerce PPC for your company, you’ll be able to capture the attention of consumers looking specifically for the products you offer. Utilizing keyword research combined with ad placement at the top of search engine results is a proven strategy for securing sales. By having the right eCommerce PPC marketing team by your side, your business can immediately make an impact in the online marketplace. This, in turn, builds your brand as sales are fulfilled, creating a lucrative pool of repeat customers.

Building Targeted eCommerce PPC for Your Company

Not too long ago, most advertising relied on large marketing campaigns that blanketed segments of consumers. Oftentimes, these campaigns relied on quantity over quality, capturing sales simply because interested parties would happen upon an advertisement. Although this form of marketing found success when media choices were limited, the same can’t be said for today’s online marketplace.

A thought-out eCommerce PPC strategy targets only the intended audience for your products or services. As an eCommerce company, you’ll need to compete with other companies to directly generate revenue from the ads you’re running. In doing so, you need to make the most out of the dollars you spend. Utilizing precise targeting of specific audiences with relevant products they’d be interested in, you can maximize your conversion rate and truly make an impact with your eCommerce PPC campaigns.

Making the Most Out of Your eCommerce PPC Budget

One of the most significant benefits of running an eCommerce PPC campaign for your company is only having to pay for the clicks your ads get. After researching what keywords your ads will target through Google Adwords, you’ll know exactly what your expenditures will be while targeting those search terms. The higher the search volume, the more expensive the keywords for eCommerce PPC become. This enables you to precisely determine what costs you’re willing to pay in order to run your eCommerce PPC campaign. Future PPC campaigns for your eCommerce company can take into account previous results giving you the option to further narrow your marketing efforts.

Focusing on Data-Driven Results to Refine eCommerce PPC Campaigns

Upon the completion of any PPC for your company, you’ll need to have access to all of the data regarding its success. This will provide unique insights into what consumers online are looking for when it comes to your products or services. You should be able to pinpoint what search terms and advertisements garnered the most clicks for your business. You’ll be able to utilize previous results to better understand what needs to be accomplished in future eCommerce PPC campaigns. 

eCommerce PPC Campaigns Working in Tandem With SEO

When undertaking a new SEO strategy, it’s important to understand that SEO by itself is a long and arduous process as your website makes its way up the search results. However, by pairing a comprehensive SEO strategy with an eCommerce PPC campaign, it is possible to utilize the paid advertising market found in eCommerce PPC to accentuate organic SEO work. Your paid ads will work in tandem with your website’s SEO boosting your ranking for search engines.

Optimize Your eCommerce PPC Strategies With eCommerce PPC Management Services

As you can probably imagine, creating and implementing effective PPC for eCommerce companies can be a complicated task, especially if you’re balancing it with running other aspects of a business. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly important to hire an experienced digital marketing and advertising agency that can handle eCommerce PPC campaigns.

At 1SEO Digital Agency, our team of eCommerce PPC professionals has the expertise you need to create lucrative eCommerce site PPC. Using AdWords for eCommerce and Shopping Ads for eCommerce platforms, 1SEO can build a consistent stream of interested consumers ready to purchase your goods and services. With years of experience in the eCommerce industry, we know exactly what search terms you should bid for and how to target your campaign.

Reliable Results From 1SEO’s eCommerce PPC Services

You’re already busy maintaining other aspects of your business. From navigating the complexities of supply chain management to ensuring outgoing sales are fulfilled in a timely manner, the last thing you want is to worry about running PPC for your eCommerce company.

That’s why 1SEO has made it a point to have PPC experts on staff to help build your online footprint through advertisement. Our in-house PPC team is constantly honing their skills to bring our clients the most relevant results from eCommerce site PPC campaigns. From finding the most searched keywords to targeting the audience segments interested in your products or services, 1SEO Digital Agency guarantees results with our data-driven approach to eCommerce PPC

The Importance of Google Shopping for eCommerce

By now, most online retailers understand how critical Google ads for eCommerce truly are. Google Shopping for eCommerce has become an integral part of matching customers with their desired products or services. eCommerce Google Shopping Management is essential to building a desirable online presence for your business. One where Google Shopping ads for your eCommerce company appear during relevant searches and reach the consumers you want to target.

AdWords for eCommerce is an advertising system designed by Google to help companies reach their intended audiences. AdWords for eCommerce is an indispensable tool when it comes to ensuring your Google ads for eCommerce are seen by consumers who want your products or services. Businesses can bid on relevant search terms that are related to their services, products, branding, or specific industry. Once keywords are selected via AdWords for eCommerce, ads created by the business will appear above and to the right of organic search results.

AdWords for eCommerce also allow PPC campaigns to have ads appear on affiliate sites. These websites have agreements with Google that will allow a Google Shopping ad for eCommerce to appear on their sites if a user visits. This means your eCommerce site PPC is doing twice the work, not only appearing in search results but on other websites as well. Yet, if you don’t have an effective eCommerce Google Shopping management strategy in place, it can be easy for your ads to be lost amongst the crowd and not reach their intended audience.

Having a digital marketing company like 1SEO run your eCommerce Google Shopping management strategy will maximize your ROI by ensuring your shopping ads for eCommerce transactions are reaching targeted consumers that need your products or services.

An eCommerce PPC Agency You Can Trust to Get the Job Done

Your eCommerce company needs capable leadership to run an effective and efficient PPC campaign. eCommerce Google Shopping management requires data-driven initiatives and the ability to make on-the-fly changes to eCommerce PPC strategies. 1SEO Digital Agency offers our proprietary software, Lion Reporting to assist us and you in making the best decisions regarding the management of eCommerce Google Shopping and PPC campaigns. Lion Reporting has the ability to:

Provide comprehensive lead tracking: Data on your past and present eCommerce site PPC campaigns is collected and analyzed to give a clear picture as to what advertising methods are successful and which ones are not. This enables your business to make sound decisions regarding where your marketing budget is spent, increasing overall ROI.

Target prior successes while still refining your AdWords for eCommerce approach: Lead tracking is critical for determining what eCommerce site PPC campaigns were lucrative, yet being able to analyze multiple campaigns simultaneously gives an even broader picture of your success. By using Lion Reporting to keep a tab on all aspects of eCommerce Google Shopping Management services, you’ll have instant access to all relevant datasets for your PPC campaigns.

Our proprietary Lion Reporting is the perfect complement to using AdWords for eCommerce and can provide the comprehensive data you need to build your online brand!

1SEO: Professional eCommerce Google Shopping Management and eCommerce Site PPC Services

Don’t settle for less when it comes to building an AdWords campaign for your eCommerce business. Google ads for eCommerce can be a complicated undertaking. Without sufficient eCommerce Google Shopping management experience, companies can quickly find themselves overwhelmed with information that they have no idea what to do with.

Building a suite of services to meet the needs of your eCommerce business is our goal at 1SEO. We’ll work with you to create relevant content crafted around eCommerce SEO, assist with any eCommerce web design services you need, and construct a viable strategy for social media for eCommerce. We also offer email marketing campaigns, have an in-house video production crew, and provide reputation management services for all of our clients. If you’ve been searching for profit-driven results and customized PPC strategy for your company, look no further than 1SEO Digital Agency. There’s no aspect of digital marketing we’re not experienced in, and once you partner with us, you’ll know why! Contact 1SEO today, and one of our team members will be happy to help you with any digital marketing needs you may have.


Our eCommerce site PPC specialists hear this question a great deal, and there’s no clear answer. It depends on the needs of your business and what your budget will allow you to spend. Yet, with 1SEO’s help, you can craft a successful eCommerce PPC campaign that gains traction in the online marketplace and builds sales of your products or services. Additionally, with our experience, we’ll help lay the groundwork for future eCommerce PPC campaigns so that each time you use AdWords for eCommerce, you’ll find greater success.

Not to worry! 1SEO Digital Agency offers proprietary software called Lions Reporting that provides an in-depth analysis of the sales you’re generating. We’ll be able to instantly provide you with the data you need to make any adjustments to your online marketing strategy.

Google Premier Partner status is reserved only for businesses and digital agencies that have consistently met Google’s strict standards for ad spend, performance, and certification. Google’s Premier Partner program sets 1SEO apart from our competitors and allows us to provide our clients with exclusive access to Google products and services.

Being a “Google Premier Partner” agency means that we have consistently upheld Google’s rigorous standards for certification, performance, and ad spend. This status is designated only for agencies who have built a reputation for delivering the highest quality of marketing for plumbing contractors and have developed a track record of providing the best results to exceed our client’s expectations and grow their plumbing leads!

Yes! 1SEO’s digital marketing experts also work to help optimize our clients’ Google My Business (GMB) profiles. This easy-to-use tool for any type of business to manage their online presence is critical for companies to put their best foot forward. If customers decide to look into your eCommerce business prior to clicking on an eCommerce PPC campaign you’re running, they have access to the most up-to-date information about your company. This insightful view into a business’ operations is critical in building trust and your brand with consumers.

As we discussed above, there are many components to building a profitable PPC for your company. From creating eye-catching ads that drive traffic to your website to designing campaigns that reach your target audience, a lot goes into making the best eCommerce PPC. With 1SEO working for your business, you’ll be able to concentrate on building different aspects of your company while allowing our experts to reach the customers you want to attract the most.

Google AdWords for eCommerce is a form of advertising developed by Google to help eCommerce companies with PPC. Google ads for eCommerce are an effective way to reach targeted audiences searching for the products or services you offer. By partnering with a digital agency that specializes in eCommerce Google Shopping management, you can maximize the profits you draw from any PPC run for an eCommerce site.

It’s easy! Contact 1SEO Digital Agency today, and one of our friendly team members will help guide you through the process of starting your digital marketing journey. Whether your business requires shopping ads for eCommerce, email marketing campaigns to existing customers, or reputation management to make that perfect first impression, we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

In all actuality, no, you don’t. But that takes into account you being able to devote a sufficient amount of your time to managing your eCommerce Google Shopping initiatives. If you struggle to find time like most business owners, then your online presence can greatly benefit from experienced professionals in eCommerce Google Shopping Management. While you concentrate on the core aspects of your company, an agency such as 1SEO can maintain your digital footprint, ensuring the best steps are being taken in regards to your Google ads for eCommerce.