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Social media may be a hub for information, but it’s also a hub for money. How many of us skip commercials while we’re watching TV or stream our favorite online content from YouTube or Netflix? Imagine watching a video on Facebook, getting 20 seconds in and just when you’re getting interested, Facebook decides to make


Last week, Google confirmed they have started to roll out their intrusive mobile interstitial penalty to websites across the web. We were warned in August of 2016 that this was coming. Here’s what you need to know. Google will devalue any web pages in mobile search that include intrusive interstitials. This is another step towards


Millennials have grown up online. They’re the generation that was born from 1977-1995. And they’re the most educated generation, but they’re also the most budget conscious. Millennials are becoming your primary customers and clients, and as marketers, you need to find a way to get your message heard online. It’s a group that values connection,


Live video on social media platforms is increasingly becoming more popular. Brand and individuals utilize live videos to give their network a glimpse into their daily lives. Social media continues to deliver its users new and innovative ways to engage with audiences. Think about it. It’s authentic content. It’s not scripted. It’s immediate and unedited.


In 2017, your goal as a business should be to grow and expand your social media presence. You want to reach more prospects and convert your followers into loyal customers or clients. You should be re-evaluating your strategy and looking at the current trends to help your brand stand out. While we don’t want every


Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid the long lines at grocery stores? Even with self-checkout, we still deal with lines. Amazon has pioneered the effort for advanced shopping technology with Amazon Go. As a shopper, just grab the items you want, which are automatically added to your cart, and go. Announced in December


As we’ve reached a new year and have made new resolutions that we hope will last more than two weeks, it’s the time of year where we have to decide how we’re going to improve and expand in 2017. For business owners, it should be a focus on relationships. Relationships within your company between employees


The digital marketing world is becoming more complex. There are new trends and tactics beginning to take shape, and you can use these trends and shifts to help form the base of your marketing plan in 2017. While we expect more changes and shifts to come, with more importance being placed on certain aspects of


1SEO Gives Back This Holiday Season

Thursday, 22 December 2016 by

As the saying goes, Christmas is the season for giving. The spirit of generosity shines through every gift you give and every cookie you bake. We put a little twist to our holiday Winter (1)derland party this year, held at our office. Our clients generously donated various items that we placed in three gift baskets


As 2016 comes to a close and we’re planning our marketing campaigns for 2017, we’re going to need to formulate a strategy. It was a unique year for SEO and the advances of Google. We’ve seen numerous advancements and changes as we gear up for a new generation of search and social marketing. It’s all


In Philadelphia, the phrase “trust the process” has been thrown around frequently. That’s ever since Sam Hinkie became the GM and the team continued to tank as they ended up with lottery picks in four consecutive seasons. It started with a trade of All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday on draft night in 2013. Thus, the


It’s about to be 2017. The world has gone social and video marketing is beginning to stand apart. Individuals and brands alike are creating stories and time-limited videos on Instagram and Snapchat every second of every day. Consumers are eating it up. Then Snapchat thought of a brilliant way to enhance Google Glass, and give


Are you utilizing social media as part of your holiday marketing campaign? Shoppers are flocking online to learn about the latest products, look for deals, and try to get their holiday shopping completed without leaving the house. If you plan correctly, social media can help you gain traction with potential customers. When executed, you’ll build


The biggest shopping day of the year, when you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home, saw a record-setting $3.45 billion in online sales. The previous record of single day sales happened just a few days before Cyber Monday, when Black Friday netted $3.34 billion. We’re living in a digital era, where


It’s been a week since Google announced mobile first indexing was set to go live. It has been in the works for a few months, and the search industry became aware when Google’s Gary Illyes announced the switch at Pubcon in October. It was later brought up again at the SEJ Summit in New York


  Think back to the movie that made you cry the most. What was it? Titanic? The Notebook? Jurassic Park? For me, it was A.I. Artificial Intelligence. That might sound like a strange movie to cry during, but trust me, if you see it, you’ll understand. Even though it’s been years since I first watched


As September has begun, the weekend focus has shifted from beach trips and barbecues to football season. Water cooler talk inside offices sound more and more like NFL Network’s Fantasy Football Live, while everyone’s favorite team has a great chance of hoisting that Lombardi Trophy in February. Whether you’re a football fan or not, millions


With each passing year, technology is changing the way people consume media. In gaming, there is a shift toward virtual reality and cross-platform play, while Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have altered the way we watch our favorite television shows and movies. Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify have revolutionized the way we listen to


Just when you think social media advertising can’t get any better, Facebook proves us wrong again. Yes, Facebook advertising has stepped up and rolled out a quicker and easier way for potential leads to contact your business without having to leave their app. These new ads slowly came out earlier this year, but have just


As the world’s best athletes settle into Rio de Janeiro for almost three weeks of competition, the world’s best marketers are trying to leverage their brands to gain traffic to their website from new clients. While most Olympic viewers will be watching at home, we’re living in a mobile world and those tuning in will


Your online presence relies on curating content to your audience and social followers. When you embark on your content marketing journey, the biggest challenge is finding the time to create the quality content your company needs to appeal to your customers. This takes time. It takes commitment and creativity. It’s more than just recycling a


When dealing with a Google AdWords account, in a far majority of cases the bottom line of account performance is the amount of conversions acquired and the cost associated with bringing in each conversion. As digital marketers know, there are multiple touchpoints a user may have with a website before converting, so providing proper credit


Unless you are Bruce Banner himself, we encourage you to ‘Go Green’ in 2016. The same goes for your online marketing campaigns. Don’t waste older marketing materials like blog posts and webinars; recycle them! Repurposing past content into new video posts can increase your website traffic in Hulk-sized proportions. Incredible, right?! OK, enough with the


Pokémon GO has taken the nation by storm. Using augmented reality technology, users are heavily engaged as they try to be the best Pokémon trainers in the game, increasing their level as often as possible. In findings by Similar Web, the day after Pokémon GO was released, it was installed on more Android phones than


How do you make your purchasing decisions? You do your research, conduct a few searches, and make a few phone calls. Your customers are doing the same thing. They’re looking for a business they trust, and they’re looking online. Think about this. You need your home power washed because of the dirt and debris that


The good old days of simply building links to your website and watching the Google rankings climb has come to pass long ago. Many advertisers who were currently using this strategy, along with other black hat SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing or hiding content, have seen negative consequences due to the various Google algorithm


Microsoft continues to expand Bing’s footprint across their properties and exclusive channels. As a platform that puts you “where your customers are,” the Bing Network was launched to help advertisers reach consumers in a personal, natural, and engaging way. Nearly one-third of searches in the United States occur on Bing, and their users are loyal.


  In an attempt to make features more compatible between their own advertising platform and Google Adwords, Bing will be introducing a number of changes to Bing Ads. While Bing tends to be playing catch-up when it comes to features announced by Google, this is not the case with all of the changes that have


In the world of technology, what stood tall atop the mountain three years, months or even weeks ago could easily be all but forgotten today (feel free to pull out your BlackBerry and Ask Jeeves about MySpace, America Online, the Palm Pilot, etc. for examples of what we mean). In other words, technology prefers the


It’s the new buzzword in the industry. RankBrain. But what exactly is it? It’s the artificial intelligence machine-learning system that Google has implemented to bring back the most relevant search results to help your users find you. In essence, it will teach itself what to bring back in the SERPs based on specific queries. Searches

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