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Those who say history repeats itself are not wrong, especially if they are talking about art history. With infamous pieces such as The Fountain by Marcel Duchamp and The Spirit of Our Time by Raoul Hausmann, it is only reasonable that people would eventually emulate the styles pioneered during the Dada Movement. The Dada Movement

With the introduction of the new AdWords interface, Google will be moving the option to target specific household income groups from location targeting to the Demographics tab. Within the old AdWords interface, income targeting was restricted to the location targeting options, which means that selecting an income tier was based on guesswork. Advertisers would select

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, back to 1996, when Microsoft mogul Bill Gates stated that content on the web undoubtedly plays a critical role. Fast forward to 2017, according to the Content Marketing Institute a whopping 89% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers are utilizing content marketing as their main strategy. It has even surpassed the use of traditional tactics, including search engine

Marketing Matters, Episode 16 Q&A with Kevin Sweeney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Lynch Exhibits To start, please tell us a little about your background? With my background in experiential marketing and brand — tying the two together — and understanding that everything speaks and every touch point the customer has, makes a

Even if you’re tight on cash, you can still get a great workout using some of the things you already have lying around at home. If you happen to have a giant tire or sledge hammer, you’re in luck!  Here are four workouts that you can try:    Workout #1 1. Lay the tire flat

There you are: seated comfortably with your arms resting on the desk and your face glowing in the pale-blue hue emanating from the screen before you. Armed with only a cup of coffee, your brilliance, and a list of keywords that you either: painstakingly ferreted out of mountains of data you probably weren’t qualified to

Earlier this month, Facebook introduced a new Watch tab that displays both recorded and live video content to US-based users. With a Discover option that lets users find new shows and a Watchlist that ensures they never miss the latest episodes of a show that they already follow, this feature makes it effortless for users

Ever think that videos might be helpful when checking out a business in Google Maps? Well, Google is now making it easy for Local Guides to upload videos to the app via Android devices, as announced in Google’s Local Guides Forum.      Local Guides are individuals who have signed up to participate in a program

No, it’s not just about throwing keywords on a page and calling it a day. When you want to entice people to your website, increase your search engine rankings, and get more conversions, it’s about a lot more than that. Okay, okay. So, maybe in the past, it was all about those keywords (before it

We all know that color can affect our mood and the way we see things. When it’s bright and sunny outside, we get excited and feel energetic. But when it’s cloudy and grey, we feel sad and the day always seems to drag. But what does all this mean in regards to marketing? Can the

Did you know that you can schedule Facebook Live videos ahead of time? We’ll show you how to promote your live streams so you’re able gather your audience and have viewers as soon as the camera starts rolling. If you didn’t already know, Facebook Live video scheduling, scheduled broadcast sharing, and pre-broadcast lobbies have already

What can digital marketing do for your law firm? These 18 statistics show you how you can attract more clients by improving your legal marketing efforts. You just might find that what they prove most is that digital marketing will help you break away from the pack and, in turn, become the go-to law firm for your

As Instagram Stories dominates the visual media market with 250 million daily active users compared to Snapchat’s 166 million, a new competitor decides to enter the ring: Google Stamp. The Wall Street Journal reports that Stamp could be rolled out in the search results pages as early as this week. Google’s power move is an

PPC advertising offers a variety of advantages for your business. With a wide range of data that you can use to help structure your campaigns, you’re able to target prospects a lot more accurately. To get started, here are the main points we’ll discuss: PPC works towards your business goals. Easy entry, fast results. Measurable

A source informed that Google is wrapping up recruitment for the launch of Google’s Home Service ads in the greater Chicago metro area. This indicates Google is preparing to launch the search feature for this market in the immediate future. Since August 2015, Google has been partnering with local businesses in California to display

How much thought have you put into online reviews? In 2016, BrightLocal found that 91% of people regularly or occasionally explore feedback from previous customers. Comments and those five little stars can seriously influence a buyer’s decision. Even if you don’t actively look for reviews, they often show up anyway while searching for a product or service. If

Speed up the process of attracting visitors to your website by putting your brand in front of people across a variety of social media platforms! Below we list different types of social sites, what’s in it for you, popular posts and examples of content marketing. Millions are waiting on each social platform. But it’s your

With 700 million monthly active users as of April ’17, Instagram is solidifying its position as the third most popular social media platform, behind only Facebook and YouTube. As Instagram strengthens its grip on the social media world, it’s time for more businesses to join the party. Increase brand awareness and build credibility by channeling a portion of your

Voice is making a splash. Google claims that over 20 percent of voice searches on its mobile app and Android devices account for voice search. What’s more, according to comScore, 50% of all searches will be voice by 2020. Assuming that this statistic holds true, advertisers will need to start focusing less on what people type

Your website needs to be a well-oiled and fueled machine to perform its best in search engines. Working with a quality SEO agency will take your business 0 to 60 in no time! Fuel After contacting our Sales Team, they’ll help you select the right grade of gas for your business, whether it’s regular, plus

It’s about time that you to shake things up with your headlines and descriptions for AdWords! Find out how you can raise your click-through-rates by writing more compelling, precise copy. With two 30-character limit headlines to work with, one of which usually includes your brand, and a description with an 80-character limit, we know there’s not a lot

Whether you were at the Google Partner Connect Event and need a little recap or you couldn’t make it and are looking for the cliff notes, here are three quick takeaways to help you grow your business online: 1. When mixed well, organic SEO and paid advertising make for a strong cocktail. Start out building

Flush your competition down the drain! Creating high-quality content is vital to the success of every digital marketing campaign—especially for plumbers. By attracting online users with a variety of engaging, industry related content and directing them to your website, your search rankings will begin to soar. Here are ten content marketing tips tailored exclusively for plumbers

There’s no question that technology continues to go through exponential growth, which is making it incredibly difficult for companies to keep up with the competition. That said, many of them fail to adapt to the continuously shifting digital landscape and get left behind in the dust.   The truth is, without making the necessary adjustments to ensure

Is your website optimized for mobile users? If not, it’s time you start considering your users’ perspective. Put yourself in their shoes and think about which devices they’re using to find information online. Check out the infographic below to better understand why designing your website for mobile devices is so crucial to providing a satisfying “user

On Tuesday, May 24th, it was announced at the Google Marketing Next presentation that advertisers will soon be able to integrate Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 in AdWords. This means that advertisers will be able to perform A/B testing on components as specific as keywords. Even further, the integration allows users to merge consumer

On Monday, May 15, 2017, more than 50 members of the Bucks County Marketing & WordPress Consortium came here to Digital Agency to soak up valuable information about digital marketing. The goal of the consortium is to gather local companies, marketing professionals, WordPress developers and individuals once a month, so they can discuss current and

Beginning last Friday, an unprecedented global cyberattack went viral, infecting at least 230,000 networks in 150 countries with “Wanna Decryptor” malware, and demanding ransom payments from its victims. At this point, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. Who has been affected? Hospitals, schools, companies, government agencies and other organizations from around the world, stirring

Philadelphia is definitely an exciting city to be living in right now, especially since it has just been confirmed as the next test market for Google Home Service Ads. Things are going to be heating up for blue-collar businesses this spring. Google says the ads will launch by mid to late June, and begin by focusing

When your company continues to deal with IT issues and poor connection performance, you need to rely on a professional team of technicians to continuously monitor your network and start focusing on growing your business. In the infographic below, find out the benefits associated with managed IT services for your business.   The Infographic goes into

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