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Google Virtual Tour Services in Philadelphia

Is your business standing out from the rest?

Stay ahead of the curve with Google 360 virtual tours!

Google Virtual Tour is a new technology that lets you take a 360-degree tour of a business from your computer or mobile device. It’s like “street view” for stores, restaurants, gyms, doctor’s offices, event spaces, showrooms, or just about anything else. 

The Google Virtual Tour appears in your Google My Business profile, allowing your potential customers to take a VR tour within moments of searching your business in Google Search or Google Maps. If you run a local business but don’t have the best Google My Business profile possible, you should look into local SEO improvements that are essential for your presence online.

Google does a lot of impressive things, but they can’t magically put cameras into your business. It’s up to you to provide Google with the Virtual Tour. That’s where 1SEO Digital Agency comes in. We’ve been on the cutting edge of digital marketing, video production, and photography for years, and we can do a Google Virtual Tour for you. Our team operates out of Bucks County, PA, 20 miles north of Philadelphia, and can travel within reasonable driving distance to create your Virtual Tour.

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How Does Google Virtual Tour Impact Business?

Years ago, Google, Yelp, and others made images readily available in a business’s online profile. Data showed that images made users more likely to engage with the business, both in person and online. From a business perspective, the more that users see, the better.

Virtual Tour takes that concept a step further, allowing users to freely click their way around the building. A study showed that customers are twice as likely to book a reservation with a business that has a Virtual Tour than one with a basic listing without photos, and about 30% more than one with a basic listing with photos.

Is Google Virtual Tour Good for SEO?

At this time, there is no published empirical data to prove that Google Virtual Tour is a ranking factor in Google search results. However, the general guideline is that any user engagement around a business profile or website benefits your SEO. When Google detects that users engage longer and more deeply with your brand, the better your chances of rising up the ranks in organic search results.

That said, a fully formed Google My Business profile is proven to help your SEO, especially locally. Google Virtual Tour is a product of Google, one they want businesses to participate in, so we won’t be surprised to see a study sometime soon connecting Virtual Tours with measurable SEO success.

Set up a Virtual Tour for Your Business

Give us a call, (215) 344-7959, to talk with one of our video professionals and schedule a time. The process is similar to a video or photo shoot.

Preferably not. Google requires that customers’ faces are blurred out. The process is smoother when there aren’t a lot of people present.

Around one or two hours, depending on the physical size and setup of your business. 

Our team uses the newest and most advanced 360-degree cameras, specifically recommended by Google for shooting Virtual Tours.

After you submit a Virtual Tour to Google, assuming it’s approved, it will appear in search results in about 7 days.

Not necessarily. You can get a Virtual Tour independent of any other service. However, we are an award-winning digital marketing agency with a full suite of services. If you’re interested in growing your business, talk with us for a free consultation. We specialize in SEO, PPC, website design, and social media. We also provide professional video production and marketing photography.