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In The Beginning…There Was Creativity!

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Being creative and being a Legal Services provider seem to go hand-in-hand. In history, the earliest organized societies recognized that there was a need for clearly-defined laws and an organized legal system to administer those laws. Most historians will credit the ancient Sumerians with developing the first set of written rules more than 4,000 years ago.  Of course, most of us are slightly more familiar with the first 282 laws put into a cuneiform script on stone tablets sometime in the 18th Century, B.C.E., by the Babylonian King Hammurabi. The Code of Hammurabi still serves as a foundation for many of the local, regional, national, and international laws our civilization lives by – or tries to, at least! 

Top 3 Creative Marketing Mistakes Made By The Legal Services Industry

We are quite aware of how much has changed in the 4,000+/- years since Hammurabi’s time. However, there is one truth that is just as applicable today as it was back then. Each & every law ever written has required a degree of creativity to take it from being needed to being written & enforced. And to that effect: All the creative crafting & writing in the world isn’t worth the paper – or stone tablets, before the invention of paper – it appears on if the public it is intended to regulate & restrain has little or no awareness of its existence. This “brand building” is where marketing, and in particular Creative Marketing, comes into play. 
At first, it required a considerable amount of creativity to make the public aware of laws even existing, let alone being enacted. In the same light, it takes a sizable amount of digital marketing to potential legal services clients to make them aware of your business’s existence. It doesn’t matter if your firm is physically located in the Philadelphia & Central New Jersey region or on the moon’s far side. The road to digital recognition for your business starts with a killer combination of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Mobile Website Design & Development, Reputation Management, and Email Marketing. Get each & every one of these right, and your legal services agency will be in the fast lane on the growth & profitability superhighway. But if you get these wrong, be that on your own or with the assistance from any of the digital agencies lacking the best-in-industry expertise & know-how of 1SEO, and you could find your company broken down on the shoulder – and watching your competitors speed right past you! 
We hope that you are not making some of the biggest creative marketing mistakes we see frequently made within the legal services industry- with or without the assistance of a digital marketing agency not named 1SEO. There are many of these mistakes out there, but we thought we would start with our Top 3 Creative Marketing Mistakes Made By The Legal Services Industry.
You Can No Longer Ignore Us: The digital marketing we’ve employed to get your attention & make you aware of our position as the best digital marketing agency inside & outside of Bucks County, PA, appears to be working. If it weren’t, you likely would not be reading this! But it’s no longer sufficient to have a boring & outdated website, any more than you can rely on a few well-placed billboards & TV commercials to help you achieve your business goals. Use the power & reach of the Internet, and a healthy dose of Creative Marketing campaigns across several different formats, and watch the quality leads start to roll in. 
It’s Not Really Creative if it’s Not Really About You & Them: Just as this blog is written with the legal services community specifically in mind, your firm’s creative marketing output should be directly geared towards your intended target audience. The range goes from your website’s look & feel to the keywords & keyphrases used in your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns & Search Engine Optimization (SEO). All creative marketing efforts should be based on the desire to enhance your online presence as a leading legal services provider, and make your potential clients think of your business first when needed.
D.I.Y. Will Make You D.I. Cry: Just as most within the legal services industry strongly recommend against someone representing themselves in court, creative & digital marketing is not for the inexperienced to attempt on their own. Having original ideas for digital marketing pieces or campaigns is fantastic – and any of the top digital marketing agencies would be thrilled to work with you on making your vision a reality. But please don’t make the mistake of allowing your ego to fool you into believing that you are skilled enough to take your idea and make it a digital marketing reality. Legal Professionals specialize in their fields; the same is accurate about digital marketing agencies in their domain.
Just as the violation of Hammurabi’s Code of laws would result in an appropriate form & degree of punishment, so too will violating the digital marketing code usually result in punishment for your business. If you’re not sure what you or your current digital agency are doing right or wrong with your business’s creative marketing output, do not hesitate to contact us for a no-charge, no-pressure digital marketing assessment.

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