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Through The Darkness of History, There Shines A Creative Light

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This week we’re discussing the topic of Creativity and what being Creative means to each of us, individually and professionally. The original idea for today’s (Friday) Blog was about the Cardinal Virtues of Internet Marketing,” those being Desire, Experience, Creativity, and Knowledge, or DECK. With this idea in mind and the role each plays in Creative Marketing, we set out to write today’s piece. But just as an “electronic pen” was being put to a clean Google Docs sheet on the afternoon of Thursday, August 6th, the news channel playing in the background mentioned today’s date. It has relevance in world history, and this connection resulted in the “eureka” moments you are hopefully about to engage in reading.

Top 3 Creative Marketing Mistakes Made By The Professional Services Industry


It seems strangely apropos to mark today as a grim milestone in the history of creativity. This date recognizes the 75th anniversary of the U.S. dropping the 1st atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. This event, combined with its duplication in Nagasaki just three days later, effectively triggered “the beginning of the end” for the U.S. War in the Pacific, thereby closing a dark chapter in the history of humankind known as World War II. Seventy-five years later, our collective hearts still go out to those affected by this tragic event. 

In that light, to gently insinuate that some positive attributes to be gleaned from the making of the atomic bomb seems, in hindsight, like a somewhat grisly course to chart as a segue into the importance of Creative Marketing to the Professional Services sector. But please bear with us, as the correlation between these seemingly disparate topics will soon hopefully be apparent to all, and that it won’t be too much of a stretch for you. 
Flash-forward to 2020; we find that debate still rages regarding the actual necessity of dropping those bombs. Which side of this argument you might skew towards is less irrelevant than the one bomb-related point-of-order on which we can likely reach consensus. The initial concept of the bomb itself, and the rapid development that soon followed, required the application of specific knowledge & expertise mixed with a significant degree of creativity. For better or worse, this example shall forever serve as an acknowledgment of the potential results achievable through the (no pun intended) deadly combination of D.E.C.K.Desire, Experience, Creativity, and Knowledge.
The process we undertake to serve our clientele in the Philadelphia & Central New Jersey region (and far beyond) requires each of these four virtues to exist in one form or another. Without each component, a digital marketing agency like 1SEO might struggle to provide most of the Creative Marketing Services we offer to our clients. When a client approaches us, they generally do so with a specific desire in mind, which usually relates to their business’s growth & development. As their digital agency of choice attributable to our experience & knowledge, we share in the desire for their business to reach the next levels of prosperity and begin discussing how best to bring that about. Perhaps the company needs minor refinements made to its AdWords campaigns, or a complete overhaul of its Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising strategies. Sometimes, a top-to-bottom examination of the keywords & keyphrases used for  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might be the course. The business could very well be in desperate need of not only the services mentioned above we offer, but also healthy doses of Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Website Design & Development, and Email Marketing. Once the range of services are reviewed, and the individual needs of this business are defined, it is time to apply the creativity to the marketing.
Unfortunately, too many Professional Services businesses do not retain digital marketing agencies that are as well-versed in all of these services as 1SEO is. We know this to be accurate by all of the errors we see in Creative Marketing for many Professional Services businesses. We’re not sure where the blame lies for these errors; it’s likely the fault of the person or agency in charge of your business’s marketing – unless that is also you! Regardless of where the responsibility lies, we want the same for your business as you do – the best. It is with this intent that we share with you our Top 3 Creative Marketing Mistakes Made by the Professional Services Industry
Speak The Same Language – Theirs: Think about your target audience; they may know some things about your business, but they are far from “fluent” in the same industry jargon you are comfortable using. Unless your desired clientele is the members of your specific field of practice, Make sure all of your messages are delivered using a common vernacular.
A Blog Drops – Or Did It? If your Blogging is dull & irrelevant to your business sector, and your content marketing leaves no one feeling content or even interested, why bother? Every piece of content posted to your website & Social Media pages must be engaging & relevant to the readers to be effective. 
Don’t Be Negligent – Be Social: Speaking of Social Media; love it or loathe it, Social Media is here to stay. Even better, or worse, depending on your perspective? The chances are excellent that many members of your target audience are browsing through their favorite sites for long periods, and more than once per day. You don’t need to spend your days hanging out on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube; let your content speak for you.
The deficiencies & failures discussed herein are merely the proverbial “tip of the iceberg;” Do you see any of these mistakes within the digital marketing for your Professional Services business or opportunities you just aren’t maximizing?  If you’re not sure what you or your current digital agency are doing right or wrong with your business’s creative marketing output, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no-charge, no-pressure digital marketing assessment. 

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