In 2017, your goal as a business should be to grow and expand your social media presence. You want to reach more prospects and convert your followers into loyal customers or clients. You should be re-evaluating your strategy and looking at the current trends to help your brand stand out.

While we don’t want every post to be sales or promotional related, we want you to put your brand on display in new and unique ways. We’re living in a visual world and your audience is consuming more visual content on all platforms. Are you planning to implement a new and improved social media marketing strategy in 2017?

We’ve made an infographic that outlines five areas that will be critical to engaging your social media followers and growing your brand in 2017.

Here are the 5 ways to improve your social media marketing in 2017.

  1.  Include Visual Components: We’re an audience drawn to visual content. Adding images, videos, infographics, and multi-media to your social media channels will result in more engagement and more followers consuming your content. Visual content can be the most important form of marketing for your business.
  2.  Take Advantage of Live Video Content: Live video is taking off on various platforms. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, users and brands can “go live” at any moment. This will build your audience and give your followers a glimpse into your company. Share behind the scenes footage and put your company culture on display with live video.
  3. Targeting with Social Advertisements: Through behavioral, interest, and custom targeting, you can bring your brand in front of the right eyes. Sponsored posts on Instagram and Snapchat, and advanced retargeting on Facebook and Twitter help you reach your ideal audience directly.
  4. Incorporate Chatbots to Connect with Followers: Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence that have already been integrated within Facebook Messenger. Your business can use chatbots to improve customer service and communicate with your followers. With a chatbot, you can quickly and automatically respond to questions and concerns. Guide your audience to complete transactions and consume additional content with instant self-service.
  5. Create a Contest or Challenge for Your Followers: Entice engagement by creating a contest for a giveaway or free service offer. Your audience is on social media, and it’s your goal to reach them. Creating a contest will result in shares, likes, favorites, and an increase in followers. Select a function for the contest and a platform, and show off your winner to generate more visibility.

It’s your time to establish a presence on social media that brings your brand top of mind. You have to increase awareness of your brand and engage with your audience. They are present on social media, make sure you’re meeting them where they’re present. By using these tips, you will effectively build your following, engage your audience, and increase sales or loyal customers. Make 2017 your year.