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A Campaign Dressed for Success

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The Challenge

Buy4LessTuxedo.com is an online retailer of tuxedos, suits, and a wide variety of formal accessories for men. As their name suggests, this company offers these products at an affordable price. This makes them both a practical and stylish option for proms, weddings, and other special events. While B4LT had a sturdy online presence prior to our professional relationship, they turned to 1SEO to take it to the next level. 

While Buy4LessTuxedo’s primary audience are males nationwide, they more specifically sought to reach teenagers in need of prom tuxedos.


The Solution

When attempting to reach their desired audience, it was critical that we meet teens where they are — on their phones. To do this, we decided to:

  • Take a mobile-first approach with PPC
  • Make a strong push on social media, where teenagers spend a lot of their time 
  • Use videos heavily, as they are more popular than ever with younger generations

Although B4LT was running their own simple remarketing campaigns and seeing solid returns, we knew we could do even better. The 1SEO social media specialists implemented a more complex Facebook advertising campaign, which automatically also runs on the client’s corresponding Instagram page, targeting both high school age males and parents of high school students.

To draw new users into the sales funnel, our social media strategists employed a Video Views campaign to attain those likelier to watch a video, and a Landing Page Views campaign to attain individuals who are more likely to click through to an enticing article.

To increase the performance of our Google Ads campaigns, we first had to determine the client’s core converting audience and identify the trends associated with their purchases. We learned that their top-converting audience consisted of millennials and mobile device users. 

We separated the shopping and search campaigns by device, segmenting a separate budget for mobile with a more aggressive bid adjustment. This allowed us to maintain brand awareness across all devices without negatively affecting each other by sharing one budget across tablet, desktop and mobile. We also elected to run an expanded text ad to take up the real estate above the fold on mobile devices.

Finally, our SEM team incorporated a smart shopping campaign that applies algorithms that heavily focus on users at the bottom of the sales funnel at the precise moment they are ready to take action and make a purchase.

Looking Dapper

At first, Buy4Less Tuxedo was operating their own SEM which drew decent results, but they knew there was room for growth. By relying on the expertise of the professional digital marketers at 1SEO, B4LT met every goal they set out to achieve.

While we pinpointed the younger demographic they sought in a variety of creative ways, primarily, it was our mobile-first strategy that put B4LT where they needed to be. Due to the success of this initial bach of social media campaigns, the client entrusted us with more of their budget to run summer campaigns, on not just Facebook and Instagram, but Snapchat as well.


  • Return On Ad Spend grew 1,216.02%
  • Total revenue saw a 35% boost
  • Transactions also jumped 35%
  • Assisted conversions jumped 36%
  • Assisted conversion value rose 33.35%


1SEO & Buy4LessTuxedo.com:

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