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The Challenge

Mike McCann, genially referred to as “The Real Estate Man”, is one of Philly’s most well-known and successful real estate agents. In fact, he’s been building that reputation since long before the internet became one of – if not THE – best places to house hunt. However, just like virtually every local business owner, Mike’s year over-year growth is heavily dependent on the internet. And every business owner wants to get more attention for their company, bring in more qualified leads, and accomplish both of those things at a cost that’s lower than what they are accustomed to spending. For Mike McCann and those like him, the 1SEO team is happy to oblige.

So, headed into the fall of 2019, our team worked with the client to establish a few KPIs that we could all use to measure success. Using the July 1st – August 31st as our measuring stick, 1SEO sought to: Increase the number of conversions (qualified calls & contact forms received) by 10-12% and keep the cost per conversion below $65.00.

Working with 1SEO has been an incredible experience thus far. They are truly a breath of fresh air! Very attentive, innovative, brilliant and the results have been incredible. We couldn’t recommend them enough.

Mike McCann- Developer

The Solution

Like buying a house, the people who win online submit the best bids. However, unlike the real estate market, it’s the most savvy and timely digital marketers who find success over those with the most money spend. And the savviest among them use Google’s machine learning algorithm and other AI solutions to dominate their competitors. In the case of Mike McCann, The Real Estate Man, our team deployed several of the solutions provided by Google’s AI. But the most crucial among them was adjusting how we went about bidding, going from a manual CPC strategy to a maximized conversions strategy. Essentially, instead of setting our own cost per click, we assigned Google’s AI a budget and allowed it to optimize bids on an auction-by-auction basis. This allowed us to focus on other key areas of the client’s digital marketing campaign while Google placed bids only in the most relevant auctions, spending money as aggressively as each auction called for – which the machine learning algorithm determined based on which auctions had the highest likelihood of producing conversions.

Industry Leaders Online and Off

In the world of Google Ads, an advertiser’s strategy, the relevance of his or her ads, and the experience their brand offers users can be the determining factor in who gets real estate at the top of a house hunter’s search results.

1SEO & The McCann Team:

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