Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

There are two main types of traffic that will come through to your website: organic and paid. SEO helps to improve your organic traffic, or people who find your dental practice naturally in the search results without clicking on an ad. That means that unlike PPC, dentists like you do not need to pay for these clicks.

If you have a smaller ad budget, you may need to restrict your ads to only show in certain areas or for certain services that you offer. However, with SEO, you can hit all of your dental practice’s target areas and services without breaking the bank.

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Send the Right Message with Content

One of the key ways in which we optimize your site is through well-written content. Each of the keywords that you select will be carefully worked into the content on the appropriate page so that more people will be able to find you for the dental services that you offer.

In addition to optimizing the most important pages on your website, we’ll also create content on a regular basis to support your SEO efforts. This may include pieces such as blogs, infographics, and videos which provide valuable information to your patients such as explaining different orthodontic options or offering answers to common questions about a procedure such as a root canal. This content can then be shared on your dental practice’s social media pages for more exposure.

Keep Your Digital Listings Up-to-Date

While 20 years ago it was important to have an accurate listing in the yellow pages, today it’s essential for your digital listing to be up-to-date, especially your Google My Business profile. This displays critical information about your business, such as your address, phone number, website, and hours of operation. Having your online dentist profile fully optimized is another component of SEO that will increase your chances of showing up on the map as part of the search results.

Reviews Matter

People know that they have a choice of any number of dentists in their area, and that means positive reviews are crucial to helping them choose you. There is even some evidence that suggests that having more reviews on your Google My Business profile can have an impact on your SEO ranking.

Know How You’re Doing with Transparent Reporting

At 1SEO, we never leave you guessing about how your campaign is doing. We will always be fully transparent about the SEO performance of your dental practice, including information such as how many visitors came to your site and how many phone calls and contact forms you’ve received. All of this information and more will be included in your custom digital marketing reports, which we will review with you on a regular basis.

Work with the Top SEO Company for Dentists

If you want to make more patients aware of your dental practice, then you need a comprehensive SEO strategy. Contact us today to learn more about how SEO can help you stand out from your competitors online.