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We proudly call Bucks County our home

Are you looking for THE digital marketing company in Bucks County? You found it!

1SEO Digital Agency is an award-winning company providing a full suite of digital marketing services locally and around the world, and we proudly call Bucks County our home.

We got our start in 2009 serving local companies around Bucks County, Philadelphia, and New Jersey. Since then, we’ve served over 1,000 clients, won many industry awards, and are recognized as a Premier Google Partner in the top 1% of marketing firms nationwide.

We approach marketing with you in mind. We learn about your business, your current strategies, and your competition, and we craft a plan that makes sense. Whatever you need to establish and grow your online presence, we can do for you!

SEO Agency in Bucks County​

Search engine optimization is in our blood. It’s what got us started, enhancing our clients’ websites to drive high-intent traffic from Google and other search engines.

If you want to get your company’s website ranking for the most relevant, highly-searched keywords, you need to master SEO. Our experienced SEO team will do meticulous research of keywords and competitors to shape the direction and structure of your site. We’ll write recommendations for titles, URLs, content, and other SEO factors so you can implement them on your site confidently.

We also check all the boxes of local SEO to make people in your local area find you online. We’ll optimize your Google My Business profile, get your business listed on other sites around the internet, and recommend pages on your site that target local-intent keywords.

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PPC Advertising Agency in Bucks County

Pay-per-click advertising can give businesses immediate exposure in the ads shown above organic search results. In a PPC campaign, you bid on keywords for which your ads appear, and you only pay when a user clicks on them.

Our team of highly trained PPC professionals conducts the research, ad creation, and analytics to get the most of your campaign. Our accreditation testing and proven client service have earned us a Premier Google Partnership, giving us exclusive access to Google representatives and the newest PPC tools.

If you want an immediate boost in highly-relevant traffic, with the assurance of working with one of the industry’s best PPC agencies, give us a call today!

Social Media Marketing Agency in Bucks County

Social media marketing lets you reach customers where they are … staring at their phones! Effective paid and organic social media management gets your brand and message out to people who’ve never heard of you before, but might be likely to use your service or product.

Each social media platform has unique and sophisticated user targeting methods in their paid advertising models, and our social media team knows all the ins and outs. With some knowledge of your customer base, as well as remarketing, paid social media generates more leads and sales than many companies realize.

Due to our social media expertise, we have become an official Facebook Marketing Partner and an Instagram Partner, honors that are only awarded to marketers who’ve shown to get real results for their clients. Work with to get your social media presence clicking on all cylinders!

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Website Design and Development Agency in Bucks County

Website design is often the crux of marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. SEO, PPC, and social media can drive traffic to your website, but if your website doesn’t provide what your customers need, you could be missing the opportunity for more business.

Luckily, we create websites too, from the planning to the design to the development. We make websites that are mobile-friendly, attractive, easy to use, and optimized for conversions. After that, you own the website. You aren’t restrained by a contract.

Your company’s unique offerings take center stage and are well-represented when you put your website design in the hands of 1SEO.

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