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Pay-per-click advertising is an essential marketing tool for home services businesses, producing a unique opportunity to attract customers when they need you, and when you need them.

While traditional marketing methods like print ads, billboards, and TV commercials display your brand name to the general public, PPC puts you in front of the ideal audience: people searching for home services on the internet.

Using metrics and experience to form a campaign strategy, 1SEO Digital Agency will effectively and efficiently manage your PPC to improve your bottom line.

We Are a Google Premier Partner

Google recognizes 1SEO Digital Agency as one of the top 1 percent of marketing firms in the United States. Our Google Premier Partnership means that our team has passed certification exams and consistently adhered to strict guidelines and best practices when managing our clients’ budgets. It also gives us unique access to Google representatives and most up-to-date Google technologies. These perks directly benefit you, our valued customer, when you work with us.

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What Is PPC?

Also known as search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click is an advertising method that lets you bid for ad placement in search engines for common keyword phrases. For example, when someone types “roof repair” into Google, the ads that appear above search results are purchased by companies for their PPC campaign. As the name implies, you pay for each click on your link based on the estimated value of drawing a customer to your website. It gives companies like yours the chance to attract customers in need of your specific service.

PPC Tools for Home Services

As a Google Premier Partner, we’re deeply familiar with the most effective PPC tools. Our team will collaborate closely with you to identify the strategy that suits your business model best. Our managed PPC services include the following and more:

Google Local Services Ads is a more specialized strategy in our PPC toolkit that is available in certain cities and for specific industries. It’s one that is highly effective — it puts you right at the top of the search results and shows potential customers that you are a trustworthy service provider.

Managing PPC Ads for Home Services

A PPC campaign generally involves three primary steps:

Depending on your services, we suggest which keywords to target and how much to bid. We use tools that show how many people search certain keywords and how much the bids are. We’ll choose the location and user types that you should target. We’ll do competitor research to see what you’re up against. And we’ll bid on keywords with a mathematical, data-driven approach.

What will your ad say? We will suggest text for the title and description your users see when your ad pops up. Google and other PPC channels have methods to determine how relevant the text is, called a “quality score,” and will adjust the cost of a click accordingly. Google generally returns a quality score two weeks to 30 days after you create your first ad. We will tweak the text to ensure you get a high quality score and efficient ad spend.

When users click on your ad, they go to your website to a page of your choosing. At this point, you’re very close to gaining a new customer, and it would be a shame to blow it. You should have an attractive, helpful webpage that instills trust. If your website is old, confusing, or lacks valuable content, you have some work to do. Look to 1SEO Digital Agency to help you. We are experts in website design for home services companies.

Home Services Success Story

By leveraging Google’s machine learning capabilities, 1SEO helped Radiant Plumbing increase conversions 251%

Why PPC Is Great for Home Services

PPC is just one digital marketing strategy, but it’s particularly beneficial for home services because business fluctuates based on seasons, competition, and changing demographics in your area. You’re probably not going to install an air conditioner in December or fix a leaky roof in June. Maybe another company started up nearby and has taken 30 percent of your business away. When you run a strategic PPC campaign, you control when and where to spend your marketing dollars, allowing you to strike when the iron (or the weather) is hot. 

1SEO Digital Agency’s experienced PPC professionals intensively manage your campaign to suit your business needs. When you work with us, you can say, for example, that you need more leads for plumbing work in October. We work out the details about which keywords to bid on with how much marketing spend. PPC allows unique flexibility, as long as it’s managed well by a professional, data-driven team.

Personalized PPC Service and Strategy

When you choose 1SEO Digital Agency, you gain the benefit of knowing what’s going on with your campaign. Have any questions about your campaign’s performance? Want to focus on a different demographic? Just reach out to us — we’ll make sure all of your needs are met.

As we work on your PPC campaigns, you’ll have complete visibility on your campaign metrics. Our practices are completely transparent. We’ll regularly provide you with custom reports that present your data in plain language.

To learn more about getting your ads out there for your home service company, contact us online or call us at 215-344-7961 to schedule a free, one-hour consultation!