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How Google Local Services Works

Google Local Services allows you to advertise your home services on Google and get leads directly from potential customers through phone calls.

Local Services advertisers also receive a Google Shield Google Guaranteed Badge, premium promotion, and a profile page with real-life reviews, all of which help home service professionals like yourself build an unshakeable online reputation.

Google Guarantee

Further, Google guaranteed providers are pre-screened, and must fulfill relevant licensing and insurance requirements. When you book an eligible Google Local Services provider, you are protected by the Google guarantee.

You can always identify eligible pros by the Google guaranteed symbol Google Shield by their name and on their profile page.

How Much Do Google Local Services Ads Cost?

With Google Local Services, you pay for service or business-related leads only. Here’s how it works:

You fix a weekly budget that limits the total number of leads you will receive in a certain week. The number of leads can change from day to day, but nonetheless, you’ll never spend more than your set weekly budget.

You also have the ability to dispute any leads that are invalid.

Advertisers using Google Local Services are charged for every lead they receive, and lead prices are set according to the city, so there will always be a flat price.

You’ll never pay more for leads than the amount you have specified in your weekly budget.

How Do You Define A Valid Lead?

A valid lead is one that is related to your services offered or your business, and it can occur in the following situation when customers find your Google Local Services ad via Google:

You answer a phone call, you speak with a caller about a product or service you provide, within the geographic market you are targeting, during your open business hours, and the call lasts for over half a minute.

Likewise, if you miss a phone call from a customer and return the call later on.