mobile development insures your website has the potential to load just as fast on your mobile device

Get In The Mobile Game

Your customers are doing a majority of their research right on their mobile devices. These little devices have the capability of providing all the information you could need right at your fingertips. If you have a site that lacks a mobile-friendly experience, you’re doing a disservice to your business. These facts explain more about just how beneficial a mobile-optimized site can be for your business.

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  • Users are five times more likely to leave a site that is not mobile-friendly
  • If your site is not easy to navigate, HALF of your visitors end up leaving for your competitor’s site
  • 53% of mobile pages are abandoned if they take longer than three seconds to load
  • A 10-second load time has a bounce rate 123% higher than a one-second load time
  • 69% of digital media time is spent on a mobile device
  • As of 2017, 77% of Americans own a smartphone
Mobile searchers are typically not just browsing, either. They are searching with a purpose. They are looking to convert. Having a mobile-friendly website isn’t just a bonus anymore, it is a necessity. Don’t settle for anything less than first any longer. Choose 1SEO, Philadelphia’s top mobile web development company, to transform your website.

Mobile-Friendly Is Money-Friendly

Our web developers and SEO specialists know the importance of mobile-friendly website design. We are able to determine how consumers are looking for you, why they are looking for you and what you can do to turn searches into purchases. We do intensive demographic research to leverage your business with local SEO services to increase your visibility. With a mobile site, you open the door to more digital marketing opportunities like:
  • Mobile-specific ads driving customers to your site
  • Shareable social media content linked to your site
  • Content marketing & blog initiatives for mobile users

Don’t Waste Your Money; Optimize for Mobile

A whopping 69% of digital media time is spent on mobile, meaning your digital marketing efforts can be a big waste if they redirect customers to a site not optimized for mobile. Don’t let your hard-earned cash go to waste by using a site that is not mobile-friendly. As the top company for mobile web development in Philadelphia, look no further than 1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing. Headquartered in Bucks County and Philadelphia, we look forward to helping you optimize your website to create a great mobile experience. Fill out one of our contact forms to get started today!