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You’re The Pros – You Tell Us: How Do Professional Service Businesses Generate Repeat Business?

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Throughout the recent weeks & months since recommitting ourselves to writing daily blogs once again, we will periodically receive an email from one of our readers. Our initial reaction to receiving “fan mail” (let us fantasize, okay?) from our blogging was to be overwhelmed with the joy that comes from confirming that someone is reading these! 

Top 3 Ways to Get Repeat Business for The Professional Services Industry

Most often, the focus of these emails has been to question or comment on something that we wrote in a previous blog post. We genuinely understand the occasional need to challenge the content of these pieces. We routinely critique the contents of our blogs, and challenge ourselves numerous times over the course of a typical day – both before writing even one word and, at least a half-dozen times, long after they go live on our website! 
Other times, the emails include words of appreciation (really!) for what we covered in a recent posting, and to chime in with their 2-cent opinion or experience within that topic of discussion. More than once, the emails have included suggestions for us to consider writing a dialogue about for a future blog piece. Usually, these suggested topics are specific and relevant to them or their businesses – which only makes sense, as this is most certainly not a Dear Abby column! 
But last week, one of our “fans” from the Professional Services vertical wanted to know the “behind-the-scenes” details about what goes into writing our daily & weekly blogs. This request seemed slightly peculiar: As if we somehow discovered the true meaning of life hidden within our process, and are now withholding that knowledge from the rest of the world…
Be assured that we are just as clueless regarding the mysteries of the universe as most of you. As such, it is highly unlikely that any great revelations will arise from a discourse on blog writing. But one of you, our beloved readers, requested something specific from us. We feel honored by this request, and because we get so few of them, we will without fail dedicate an upcoming daily blog to shedding some light into the dark & secret world of bloggers
But back to the blog and topic at hand. This blog is our Friday blog, the last one for the week, so mentally, we’re well beyond half-fried coming into it. But the last one is also hands-down the most difficult to write for another reason. Our Tuesday-Friday blogs are all written on the same business-focused topic, but targeted for specific verticals. It’s hard to write about the same topic four times per week, but the last of our four verticals is also the most challenging vertical for us to write for. The Professional Services vertical consists of Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants, and many other fields composed mostly of advanced-educational backgrounds and sometimes deeper intellects. Put all of these ingredients in one bowl, and you do have a recipe – for potential disaster!
By this point in every blog we write, we’re supposed to have told you (at least once or twice) how 1SEO is the best digital marketing agency within the Philadelphia & Central New Jersey region. This claim happens to be accurate, by the way. To focus on our Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we use any number (preferably a large number) of keywords & phrases from our keyword list. Doing this will satisfy the major search engines & bots used by Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and others, helping us move to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)
While on the subject, we would surely be remiss if we failed to mention at least some of the many digital marketing services we provide for our clients. These services include but are not limited to, Facebook, YouTube & Instagram Marketing, other Social Media channel advertising, our creative & video production services, website design, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content & email marketing, and more. 
When done correctly, all of the boldfaced & linked words and phrases, as seen in the 2 last paragraphs, would be randomly & evenly distributed across this blog. That way, they wouldn’t have drawn the kind of attention they just did from being crammed into one big paragraph. But we already mentioned that it’s Friday. We admitted how even under the best of circumstances, it would be hard to pull the wool over the eyes of the esteemed members of our Professional Services vertical. Therefore, we appreciate your understanding of our selection of today as our unofficial slack day. This blog is our lazy slack blog. Next week, prepare to be amazed & astounded once again by our adept skill & crafty writing style. 
Almost forgot: At some point before right now, we should have steered the conversation towards the “Top 3” category of the week, that being How to Get Repeat Business. But as mentioned earlier, we’ve already written ad nauseam on this topic. The Top 3 recommendations we have for the Professional Services Industry in today’s White Paper are: 
  • 1) The importance of providing excellent customer service; 
  • 2) The value of staying in frequent & constant contact with all of your clients; and 
  • 3) The recommendation to create some kind of loyalty program through which you can reward your loyal repeat customers.
However, all of these suggestions were already discussed at length in the three other vertical blogs this week. Therefore, if you would like to hear our thoughts on any of these recommendations, please go back & read our blogs from the last three days! 
We trust that you have reached the end of another positive & productive week, not just for yourself individually but also within your family, friendship circles, and needless to say, your Business. We hope that we have helped you end this week on a positive note, and have steered you towards many productive & profitable times ahead. Should anyone have any questions or suggestions for the improvement of our blogs, please do not hesitate to contact us, and share!

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