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There Are Ways to Get Repeat Business – Even Within the Legal Services Industry!

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Over the years that 1SEO has been active in the digital marketing business, prospective clients have come to us for various reasons, with numerous thoughts on what they feel their business might need. No matter their justifications for seeking professional assistance, the desired result is always the same – that being to see their business grow & become more prosperous. They are often unsure how to best achieve these goals, but they are sure it likely involves at least a partial revamping of their online marketing strategies, if not a complete overhaul. 

Top 3 Ways to Get Repeat Business for The Legal Services Industry

Accordingly, it’s immensely advantageous for us to provide the broadest range of marketing-related services possible, and not just confine ourselves – or our clients – to a limited number of offerings. We must let clients know what we propose to do for their businesses “now,” but not fail to mention (on as many occasions as possible and appropriate) how many additional services are available to them “later,” and all found under our one roof. We might start with adjustments to their list of keywords & phrases used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or fine-tuning of their Google Local Service Ads (LSA’s) & pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. There may also be a demand for some modifications & alterations to their website design & Social Media advertising campaigns. Maybe our focus is on their content & email marketing. Perhaps there’s even more yet to reveal itself?
In most cases, we will propose a combination of the above and other measures for implementation. Once again, we feel vindicated by having such a complete list of options available. We couldn’t imagine limiting ourselves any more than our clients wish to be limited themselves. The diversity of business marketing encompassed under the digital marketing services banner is almost as diverse as the range of services under the “legal services” heading. As such, we often wonder: Why do so many legal services businesses struggle with generating repeat business opportunities from within their pool of current & previous clients? 
Logic suggests that there are many areas for legal services businesses to fix their gazes on when trying to understand their failures in generating repeat business. Like you, we too are on a never-ending quest to be thought of as the best digital marketing agency in the Philadelphia & Central New Jersey region & beyond. But for you & your legal services business, We have a few ideas on how you can improve in getting repeat business, but thought it best to start with our Top 3 Ways to Get Repeat Business for the Legal Services Industry.
Who’s on Point? In an ideal world, every business in which direct & frequent communication between the company and the client is paramount could staff at a 1:1 ratio with their clients, meaning at least one company employee could be assigned the role of “Relationship Manager” for each client. This position’s responsibilities comprise of acting as a liaison between the firm & the client during the occasional periods of “active representation.” But the long-term goal for this role would be expanded to an emulation of a “Carnival Barker,” whose job it is to let everyone within earshot know what they might be missing out on unless they pay heed to their message. As it is impractical for most businesses to employ one person for each client, consider hiring one person to handle this role for all clients.
Is There Anything Else? Clients generally retain legal representation and services for one specific purpose or to address a current situation. Once that matter is resolved, the professional services relationship goes in one of two ways. The first is a “suspension” until some hypothetical future date wherein the client requires legal services once again. Just as often, the relationship is “terminated” altogether, as the client sees no reason to continue retaining your firm based solely on imminent catastrophe or occurrence. Consider it to be part of your job – or that of your digital marketing agency – to spread the message regarding the “should you find yourself in need” options also available to them.
Are You Sure There’s Nothing Else? We assume that your firm does offer more than just one or two specialized legal services. Still, most people are either completely unaware or have a limited understanding at best, about additional services provided by those in the legal services industry. This seemingly-universal ignorance can be abated through the active use of email marketing. Consider creating a monthly newsletter for your agency. You can share relevant news stories, new hirings & positional changes within your company, Social Media posts & content marketing pieces, and, of course, make mention of the additional services your firm offers. 
Repeat business opportunities make for a better & more stable long-term business plan, and it’s up to you to let your current clients know what else your firm can do for them.
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