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What Does Google Premier Partner Mean?

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Google has many different levels of partnerships, but what does it mean when a company is labeled as a Google Premier Partner? What benefits do they receive, and what services can they offer their clients? We’ll explore the definition of Google Premier Partner and outline some of the most important benefits that come with this designation. We’ll also discuss becoming a Google Premier Partner and what steps you need to take.

What is the Google Partner Program?

Google Partners is a program for advertising agencies and third parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses. It offers strategic benefits such as education and insights into how well your campaigns are performing with the tools it provides to get better results. The Google Partners program is broken down into three tiers of partnership — Member, Partner, and Premier Partner. Each title gives a certain amount of relationship and resources from Google.  

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Google Partner?

As an agency develops its relationship with Google, it benefits from the increasing levels of partnership. Every Google Member, Partner, and Premier Partner receives product education and certifications, account and technical support, and rewards. Google Partners receive promotional offers, a partner badge, and access to Google’s directory. The Google Directory is where marketing agencies are listed by Google and given recognition so that potential advertisers and clients can find them. Think of this as the new-age phone book for businesses making it much easier to be discovered.

What are the Requirements of Being a Google Partner?

The conditions change from year to year, depending on the direction Google predicts for its platform. Google may change the statistics from year to year, but the three main pillars of requirements generally stay the same.

Google Partner Performance

The performance requirement helps ensure that agencies can effectively set up and run Google Ads campaigns to achieve the greatest results for their clients. Google Premier Partners need a minimum optimization score of 70% — these agencies have the ability to apply or dismiss recommendations based on their assessment of each client’s goal. 

Google Partner Spending

To maintain a Google Premier Partner’s registered Ads manager account, the organization needs to spend $10,000 USD per 90-day period across all managed accounts.

Google Partner Certification

To receive certification, Google Partners registered Ad manager accounts need to have a minimum of 50% of your account strategists certified in Google Ads. These strategists also need at least one certification in each product area (search, display, video, shopping, etc.) with a $500 USD or more campaign spend in 90 days.

How to Become a Google Premier Partner

Google Partners who are in the top 3% of participating partners are considered to become Google Premier Partners. This evaluation is relative to how other agencies are performing in each country. Unfortunately, Google does not publish these standards verbatim but Google states that they analyze clients’ revenue, agency revenue, and agency client base.

  • The agency needs to have at least two members who are certified in Google Ads
  • Spend the required amount on Google Ads for their clients (this varies depending on Country)
  • The agency must invest in multiple result-focused products beyond the standard search engine optimization, these include Display, Apps, Video, and shopping.
  • The ability for the agency to create growth for its current clients and also acquire new clients.   
  • The ability to retain client business, measured by the percentage of clients retained each year.

What are the Advantages of Working with a Google Premier Partner?

Google Premier Partners perform better than 97% of related agencies in each given country. Partnering with a Premier Partner ensures that you receive the top level of technology, knowledge, and resources. Each Google Premier Partner receives new product betas, providing their clients can stay ahead of the competition with the latest technology updates. If a Google Premier Partner runs into any issue, they will receive dedicated account support directly from Google. 

Higher Level of Education

Google Premier Partners employ digital strategists who are trained directly by Google. Strategists are trained each year to Google’s performance standards. This training keeps all strategists up to date with current Google operating procedures.

Higher Level of Expectation

Google will not just hand out Premier Partner status; working with a Google Premier Partner ensures a given business will receive the highest level of attention. Google is expecting its Premier Partners to deliver a higher ROI for its clients.

Support Directly from Google

If a client’s website or apps have any issues, the representing Premier Partner will have direct access to Google’s support team, ensuring that the problem is resolved in a timely manner.

Access to the Newest Technology

Premier Partners receive the first beta tests released by Google. This software will be used directly on the partner’s clients. Staying ahead of the competition is difficult; having the latest software will give a business an edge over its competitors.

1SEO Digital Agency is Again a Google Premier Partner for 2022

Not only has 1SEO maintained this privilege each year with the increasing number of applicants, but 1SEO is also in the top 3% in the most competitive country in the world. 1SEO has more access to resources from Google than other agencies giving it the ability to create growth for any business.

If you’re interested in working with a Google Premier Partner, contact 1SEO Digital Agency today. You can join experts from our team for a free 20 minute strategy session customized to your business needs. Take advantage of direct access to Google through a top performing digital marketing agency like 1SEO.

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