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What are the Best Digital Marketing Ideas to Promote your Roofing Company?

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Promoting your roofing company online may seem overwhelming at first, but with the right partnerships and gameplan, you can set your business apart from the competition and achieve digital dominance. Follow these ideas from the professionals at 1SEO Digital Agency for the best ways to market your roofing company. 

First, how much does it cost a roofing company to hire a digital marketing agency?

Focus less time on “how much does it cost to hire a marketing company?” and more on “how  my roofing company will profit because we hired a marketing professional?’ Good marketing agencies like 1SEO Digital Marketing increase your profit with expert game plans, customized focusing on goals, and inspiring roofing contractors to be leaders in their region through successful SEO, social media, and creative content campaigns. Roofing companies with digital marketing assistance average higher profits each year than those who don’t.

Local search may seem like a given; however, many roofing companies overlook this step in favor of other forms of outdated marketing. The Yellowpages and local newspaper ads are not generating enough advertising for home service contractors in 2022. Now, roofing companies must have a certified Google Bussiness Profile page so that their local prospective clients can find them easily. A Google Business Profile allows customers to locate you via the Google Maps app as well as search engines. Your roofing company isn’t traveling cross country to locate potential customers, you want to establish a relationship with your local base.

This is a frequently asked question from our clients at 1SEO Digital Agency. The information they come across is inconsistent, but organic and paid advertising can be broken down quite easily. 

  • Paid advertising (PPC) is the paid advertising you see on the top of the Google search results page. Cost varies depending on desired keywords and markets. 1SEO Digital Agency professionals can explain how best to spend your allotted budget.
  • Organic search results are any website that shows up “organically” or however relevant Google deems them to be. This is done via website design by 1SEO Digital Agency professionals. 

Having a monopoly on both PPC and organic search results will best promote your roofing website and make sure it’s presented on the first page, to the right customers. Roofing companies should hire a digital marketing agency specializing in partnering with home service contractors. 

Social media is essential.

Social media is crucial to any home remodeling and roofing company. Social media isn’t just for your kids to share photos of cute dogs; 

  • 82% of people have social media accounts; this is where customers will most likely come across your work. 
  • Make sure your roofing company regularly promotes quality content (photos, video, blogs, etc.). 
  • Have a professional at 1SEO Digital Marketing Agency guide you through paid advertising and organic posting, just like we discussed for search engine optimization. A professional can gauge your cost vs. ROI expectations on social media depending on your market.

Make sure you’re promoting quality photos/videos of your work.

Potential customers will always want to know how much the roofing work cost, but they’ll also want to see examples of your roofing work. 

  • Grainy cell phone images won’t successfully advertise your roofing work. 
  • Clients want to see professional photos and videos to ensure they’re hiring true roofing professionals. 
  • Quality content lets the customer know that you’re committed to investing in your company and that you will take the roofing job seriously. 
  • 1SEO Digital Marketing Agency has professional in-house photographers and videographers ready for lights, camera, action. 

Websites are the new storefronts. 

A quality website is imperative to any home service company, especially roofing contractors. A website is your “home base” and should reflect as such. A “drop and drag” website will not have proper optimization and content built into the “back end”. The back end is another term for things a visitor to your website won’t see while browsing online. These include but are not limited to: keywords, links, servers, databases, hosting, tags, and much much more. 1SEO digital marketing agency will put all these in place, making sure your roofing companies website:

  • It appears higher and more frequently on search engines.
  • The website is trustworthy via credible backlinks.
  • Proper use of tags to ensure the right people find your site
  • Reliable servers host the page
  • Content is organized and advertised to the customer effectively.
  • Communication between potential customers and your staff is seamless via chat, phone, email, etc.

Email marketing is a must.

Email marketing is a prevalent and lucrative option for roofers to reach customers and obtain more business. Communicating with customers via email to display your work, reviews, prices, and culture can attract them and make your relationship more personal. You must obtain quality leads for your marketing agency to tailor content to interested customers. Email marketing is like setting a snare; it works for you while you’re busy roofing. 

  • 91% of customers enjoy receiving promotional emails from companies they’re interested in.
  • Email marketing builds credibility
  • Tailored and customizable content for different customer groups
  • Low cost
  • Advertise your roofing website
  • Reach customers on any device 
  • Boost sales and profits

When the work is done, solicit reviews.

After finishing an excellent roofing job, make sure your customers leave reviews through multiple avenues. The most popular for home services and roofing is Google, but Yelp, Home Advisor, Angi, etc. are also important. You might think that people like to read positive reviews on a roofing company before choosing them, but there’s much more built into the content of the review. Google looks for specific keywords in reviews to help advertise your roofing business to potential customers. Remember, customers want to know two things:

  • How much does it cost?
  • Examples of your work through reviews and photos

Digital marketing can propel your roofing company to the next level.

Promoting your roofing company online is the key to being a leader in the home services industry. The most successful roofing contractors use marketing agencies to optimize their digital presence. Would you expect someone who worked in marketing to be able to roof their own house? The same goes for roofing companies and the digital marketing landscape. 1SEO Digital Agency has partnered with hundreds of roofing and home service companies, all leading to online optimization, optimizing profits. 

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