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We’ve Got You Pegged: Check Out What Instagram Thinks You’re Interested In

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Instagram has taken the world of social media by storm in the past few years. By many accounts, the megalith photo and video-sharing service has even overtaken such giants as Facebook and WhatsApp among Generation Z, with teens frequently preferring Instagram to social media networks associated with an older Millennial generation.

However, just as the now 15-year-old Facebook is always surprising us with revelations about their processes and practices, so too does Instagram have a few hidden — or almost hidden — features up its sleeve.

For instance: Did you know that Instagram tracks and measures your interests — and that you can see for yourself what sort of person Instagram thinks you are?

See How Instagram Sizes You Up

When you’re swiping and clicking through your account, Instagram is paying attention. As an Instagram user, your activities on the network are tracked and analyzed, so that the ads that appear on your screen are tailored to what Instagram perceives as your primary areas of interest.

Further, Instagram keeps lists of what it judges to be your interests. These lists are used by the network’s algorithms to generate the types of ads you’re seeing — and you can access the list yourself to see what kind of person Instagram thinks you are.

How Do I Find My Instagram Interests?

To have a look at what Instagram thinks you’re all about, start by logging into your account.

  1. Go to “Setting.”
  2. Click on “Security.”
  3. Click on “Access Data.”
  4. Scroll down to “Ads.”
  5. Click on “Ads Interest.
  6. Click on “View All.”

And oilà! Once there, you should see a list of Ads Interests, along with “View More” options along the bottom:

Do You Think Yours Is Accurate?

Even the most avid Instagram users often don’t know that this feature exists. Try logging into your Instagram account and take a look at what the network thinks your interests are based on your past behavior. 

Do you think Instagram’s assessment of your interests is spot on, or missing the mark? Either way, our digital marketing superheroes would love to hear all about it!

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