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As a digital marketing agency, our business model has much in common with the typical eCommerce business. The most obvious similarity is that while we both have physical locations from which to run our operations, the actual activity we conduct mostly revolves around that pesky Internet thingy. Make no mistake that a day without a speedy online connection in our Bristol, PA headquarters makes many of us quite cranky. Still, as a full-service marketing agency, there are a few marketing-related services that we can offer our clients that are not entirely reliant upon a stable Internet connection. 

Top 3 Ways to Get Repeat Business for The eCommerce Industry

For example, we are highly skilled in all facets of creative services, offering a range of services like graphic & logo design, traditional print production services, and professional writing for content marketing. Our still photography & video production services rank in quality right alongside any “dedicated” picture-takers & movie-makers. Primarily these services are intended for our digital advertising clients, but we always have & always will make these services available for non-internet purposes. Heavens-forbid we woke up tomorrow & the digital world as we know it no longer exists, we would still have a business to run & work within. Marketing services would still be needed, and because we have a client base consisting of both existing & potential new clients that would continue to require these services, the odds of survival would be in our favor.
However, it is highly doubtful that the same goes for an eCommerce business. For most of them, the Internet’s loss would be akin to the end of the world taking place. There would be no “storefront” for potential clients to locate or store itself for customers to browse within, for that matter. There would be no way for these businesses to maintain communications or business relationships with their existing clientele, at least initially. Still, at best, it would be ridiculously-difficult to rely on repeat business to sustain their business. Let’s not even ponder what it might take to identify & connect with any new customers – that’s a discussion best suited for another day. We suppose that a handful of eCommerce businesses could find a way to transition their models away from complete reliance on the Internet, yet at best, it might be one in one-thousand that pulls this move off successfully. As for the rest, well… Let’s hope for their sake that the digital apocalypse never happens!
The good news for today is that barring anything unusual or unforeseen, the Internet is here to stay, and with it, so is the almost-unlimited customer pool. We’ve spoken previously about finding new customers online, but it’s more of a challenge to keep the customers you have and get them to come back to you time & again. With this in mind, our focus today is on the Top 3 Ways to Get Repeat Business for the eCommerce Industry. 
Customers Demand Service – Just Like You: Why shouldn’t your customers expect to be treated in the same manner that you expect when you are the customer? Most shoppers will spend a few dollars more for a product or service when the selling company also provides quality customer service at every step along the way. From the initial purchase confirmation, through shipment & delivery, and as a quality-control mechanism after arrival, eCommerce businesses can use email to handle each of these tasks.
No Webs of Confusion: You are an eCommerce business, and your website is your storefront. So why does it load pages & video content like you’re using dial-up, or look as organized as the back room of a consignment shop? Nobody likes browsing, let alone shopping, on a slow-reacting & hard-to-navigate website. You need to take every necessary precaution to ensure that your site has the bandwidth required to handle even the busiest of times and every type of content. Furthermore, one of the most critical concepts behind website design is making sure there is both a rhyme and a reason for the categorization & location for each item you sell. 
Who Shops Here, After All? Understanding just who are your most-frequent & most-likely shoppers will help tailor your site and what you sell within it to their browsing & shopping habits. Think about the items you sell and whom the most likely customers to purchase those items might be, then model your offerings accordingly. Use tracking software to identify the browsing & purchasing patterns for your customers, and you won’t miss out on potential repeat business opportunities. 
For most online shoppers, the options for whom they buy from are boundless, but they will be more likely to come back to eCommerce businesses that provide a “positive shopping experience.” Is that your eCommerce business, or your competitor’s? 
Ready for some professional assistance with turning your customers into repeat customers? Contact 1SEO’s experts for a free digital marketing assessment today!

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