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#Trending Towards Success: How Your Professional Service Can Make the Most Out of Social Media in 2021

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After a tumultuous whirlwind of a year, it’s time to take a deep breath and repeat the timely mantra — “2020 is coming to an end.” Even though we are in the thick of the holiday season and about to flip the calendar, it doesn’t mean your professional service should take a step back from strategizing. 2021 will indeed bring its own highs and lows — and it’s imperative to start thinking ahead in regards to how your firm or organization will tackle the start of the new decade. Whether they serve as a reminder, revision, or return to form, we believe the following points belong in your professional services’ social media marketing arsenal to increase brand awareness and boost lead generation.

Performing a Social Media Audit

Just like an internal or external audit, a social media audit consists of hovering the magnifying glass over channels that bolster outreach and drive business — including platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram…the list goes on. At its core, it’s a thorough review of your profiles to determine the strengths — and weaknesses — of each. It is a component of assessing your professional service’s metrics to track growth, return on investment, potential opportunities, and what needs to be done to improve your overall presence on the social media landscape.

A social media audit isn’t just apropos at the end of the year — a quarterly assessment will help you keep tabs on big-picture trends while giving your firm enough spare room to make necessary adjustments.

Why Should My Professional Service Perform a Social Media Audit?

An audit shows how well you’re performing, what needs tweaking, and what your priorities should be in the new year. Here are some compelling reasons to take a good hard look at your professional services’ profiles:

Cut back on overhead: If you are utilizing paid social media but aren’t seeing the results you were expecting or hoping for, you can reduce or reallocate some of these funds.

Increase engagement with the right audience: If you’re aware of how to reach your preferred demographic better, you can spend more time — and money — targeting them.

Determine how you stand up to the competitors: Not only will you learn more about your firm’s online presence, you can investigate what other firms are doing and extract any pages you may be able to take out of their book.

Generate leads: You may uncover gaps you may not have otherwise been aware of — and develop a better understanding of how to implement new social strategies.

How Can My Professional Service Get Started?

If you’re looking to improve your performance on social media, you’ll need to dive into some data! Professional service organizations, which can fall under legal, medical, engineering, and accounting industries, have varying priorities. Customization will be key — but these are the big to-do’s worth mentioning for just about any professional service:

If you want to audit and improve your performance via social media, you need to get knee-deep in data. Knowing that law firms have different priorities, you’ll want to customize your social media audit based on your needs. 

Track down your social media accounts. This includes taking an inventory of every platform you’re on — whether active or abandoned. If long-forgotten, take steps to take down — or revive — the profile in question. It also includes standardizing channel ownership and passwords. You may also use this time as an opportunity to reserve your business username on platforms where you don’t have an account — even if it’s only a potential avenue.

Ensure each account is accurate and on-brand. Once you’ve got a hold of all the accounts you want to move forward with, make sure each one reflects your brand or organization as it is today. This includes cover images, handles, bio text, links, and pinned posts.

Evaluate channel and post performance. Using platform-associated analytics tools or turning to a team of professional digital marketers, assess your channel performance and look for engagement patterns. Do you tend to get the most responses when you post photos? How about videos? Compare your results with the same time period last month or the previous year. Over time, this allows you to pick up on regular seasonal variations, making it easier to notice any unusual changes in real-time.

Of course, depending on your findings, you’ll have to calculate your return on investment and identify the channels that are optimal for your firm.

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As digital marketing experts, we understand the importance of paid and organic social media — however, we also know that it’s just one part of an effective digital marketing campaign. For more information about how our offerings, including SEO and PPC, can propel your professional service in the right direction come 2021, contact us today!

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Spencer Coulton is a Content Editor at 1SEO. When not writing, he can be found strumming his guitar, attempting to brew the perfect cup of coffee, or biking around Philadelphia — sometimes all at once.

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