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Hey, eCommerce: Where are All of Your New eCustomers?

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There’s likely a respectably-sized group of you that sincerely looks forward to Summers in the Philadelphia & Central New Jersey area; can I get a show of hands? Those of you who answered that last part to the affirmative: Do you also enjoy the heat & humidity that accompanies the season? Please don’t raise your hands to that one – and be glad that we can’t see you. We wholeheartedly confess that the Air Conditioning in the offices of our digital marketing agency headquarters here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has been running non-stop since right around Memorial Day weekend. And on top of that, it will likely continue being set to the “cool” position until right around Halloween

Top 3 Ways for the eCommerce Industry to Acquire New Customers Online

For many, our biggest weather-related complaint is that the walk between the office and parking lot is not temperature-controlled – pity us! But we can mutually agree that by and large, we hate having to work in these extreme conditions. Of course, that almost organically leads us to an important question, relevant to today’s discussion topic. What exactly are the “extreme conditions” afflicting those who own, operate & work for an eCommerce company? 
I suppose inclement weather might have a small hand to play in the shipping & delivery departments. Foul weather often creates delays in shipping & delivery arrivals – or so our UPS driver keeps informing us. Nasty weather could also negatively affect an eCommerce employee’s commute to & from their office. We even envision that a storm-related power outage within an eCommerce’s main facilities can bring their entire operation to a complete standstill. But beyond these harsh scenarios given as examples, the eCommerce world is figuratively – and literally – insulated from the same conditions that impact our everyday activities.
Nevertheless; one “extreme condition” that affects the eCommerce community just as negatively as it does every other type of business is lead generation
As a digital marketing agency that utilizes online marketing campaigns & strategies for lead generation purposes, we are keenly aware of the struggles faced by many eCommerce businesses with finding new customers. Despite the appearance of having a “head start” over non-internet based businesses, the fact is that eCommerce businesses ask themselves the same question that the rest of us ask: 

How do we acquire new customers online? 

There are so many tips & suggestions we can offer herein to help you answer that question. Still, we feel it best to start with our Top 3 Ways for the eCommerce Industry to Acquire New Customers Online.
Find Your Niche to Scratch That Itch: No business can ever expect to be all things to all people; so why even try? Decide what your business’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is, and what makes your business different from all other online merchants, and embrace it! 
Creativity and the Keys: Content Marketing lends your specific message the right tone (for your business) and helps you target your business’s preferred audience. The right content can also help to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. If that content includes keywords and key phrases to improve your search engine results further, it is even better. 
Social Distancing vs. Social Media: Besides sharing the same first word, these two terms couldn’t be farther apart in their calls-to-action. There is no need to explain Social Distancing again; but Social Media is the opposite idea – to get as close to as many potential customers as possible. More people are investing large swaths of their days & nights hanging out on Social Media channels and utilizing platforms like Facebook and Instagram to buy products online. Between the sheer numbers of total potential customers available at any given time on any given day; and the more relaxed (less “salesy”) atmosphere of most Social Media platforms, there is no better source today than Social Media for lead generation. And better yet: As there is a potential sale opportunity following each lead generated, it is in your business’s best interest to be actively involved in, and advertising on, Social Media platforms.
Remember that the single most crucial need to growing your eCommerce business is customers. You already know where they are, and now you have some helpful information about how to make them your customers. The only question remaining unanswered now is: Are you going to acquire these customers on your own, or would you like some professional assistance?

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