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There Will Be Light At The End Of This Really, Really Long Tunnel

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We often pray that our Blog offerings can offer benefits beyond the surface appearance. May they serve as both a source of distraction and a source of inspiration for all business owners & operators. Today’s Blog carries our sympathy to those involved in Financial Planning, Investment & Wealth Management, or any avenue wherein money is the product. The early Thursday morning news regarding the continuing devastation to the Great American Economic Machine attributable to the Coronavirus pandemic shook many Americans to the core. When we learned that our country’s GDP shrank by an estimated 33% – that’s one-third – in this year’s 2nd quarter, we were certainly given a tough pill to swallow.

Top 3 Ways for The Professional Services Industry to Acquire New Customers Online

Making these matters worse is the harsh reality that this situation is not likely to end anytime soon. This never-ending stream of bad news leaves so many of us with an extremely pessimistic outlook towards our businesses & personal lives. We may not have any immediate wisdom to share regarding non-business matters. On a business level, we know of something that might make many of you feel a little better: Acquiring new customers, which will directly contribute to your business’s growth & prosperity. Does that though make anyone smile, even just a little?
Perhaps nobody’s jumping for joy at this very moment, but we all know that few things make us feel better than having more money at the end of the day than at the start of our day. For business owners, the best way to have more money is by making more sales, and the secret to making more sales is more customers to make those sales to – agreed? “Great,” you blurt out; and then ask: “Now, where do I get those new customers from?” Well – since you asked:
There is no single location with more potential customers for any & every business than online, period. All the customers and business volume you can ever handle are virtually gathering in one place for your convenience. All you need to do is connect with them. Sounds simple enough in concept, yes? It is just that simple, and yet only that complicated as well. Not knowing where each of your Professional Services businesses currently stands in regards to your overall digital marketing portfolio makes it difficult for us to offer any specific guidance on which path to take next. However, we do know some of the best tips & tools for you to consider for implementation or improvement upon, and is the subject of today’s Blog: The Top 3 Ways for the Professional Services Industry to Acquire New Customers Online. 
Content Provides Context: Content Marketing is simply the use of various forms of media in telling your story, which hopefully leads to selling your story. This content can take many forms: Videos, Infographics, news articles, customer testimonials, Blogs (like you are reading right now), and so on. The format type is less relevant than frequency and the “freshness” factor. Reposting someone else’s content will not help your business with the search engines one bit. All content you add needs to be original (to you/your business) & never-before-published. Fresh content should be added with regularity. Your content should also contain the ideal keywords and keyphrases specific to your business. These words & phrases will help the search bots identify & locate your business for those who seek it.
Reviews Provide Reinforcement: We all know about the tree that fell in the woods with no one around, and due to this lack of audience, it supposedly made no sound. Now think about it from a purely business perspective. If your customers are continually telling you about how wonderful you & your business are, but none of these kudos are being placed online for all to read, what value to your business do they offer? None, unfortunately. Much like the fresh content we just spoke about, new & frequent reviews on sites like Google, Facebook & Yelp! will directly contribute to your business being found – fast, and with luck, first – by the search engines & web crawlers working behind the scenes.
It’s Social, and It’s Media – At The Same Time! When thinking about Social Media, many of you feel a small wave of nausea overcome you. This feeling is likely attributed to all of the (shall we say) “less-than-intelligent” content watched & shared by our kids, or perhaps your annoyance with all of the people you knew in high school – but haven’t spoken to since – that now want to share their life stories with you. We get it, indeed, but from a business perspective, having a page, presence, and Social Media Marketing strategy on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (among others) potentially exposes & connects your business to everyone in the world – because they’re all online! Now all that’s left to do is narrow that pool down a bit!
There are many other sources and methods beyond these three that can help your business find new customers online, and new online customers find your business. However, if you just focused on these three to start, you’ll find the benefits will quickly be noticeable, and you will be that much more open to many of the other paths available to you. 
Would you like some professional help in acquiring new customers online for your business? Have questions about the effectiveness of your business’s digital marketing campaigns and how they relate to acquiring new customers online? Contact 1SEO’s experts for a free digital marketing assessment today!

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