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Is Creativity A Blessing or a Curse?

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Like so many of the pieces written as of late, we wish to open this blog with what on the surface may seem to be our desire to wax philosophic; but it’s a Monday, so let’s try to be gentle. Be assured, the goal of these relatively innocuous questions is to stimulate thought, in you and us, and not lay the groundwork for a debate or argument. 

What is your definition of “Creativity?” How about “Creative?” We know what the dictionary defines these terms, and about the pages-long thesaurus list of synonyms for each (more on the dictionary definitions in a moment). The extreme length of the possible synonyms would suggest that the definitions for these can vary based on the intent, and not restricted by any single meaning. 

But back to the questions themselves; what we’re asking of you is: When you think of “being creative,” or having to “use your creativity,” do you get intrigued or even downright excited by the very idea, and allow these feelings to serve as motivators for what comes next? Or, are you one of those people, who, when informed that the next steps and outcomes from those steps are more or less going to be reliant upon your ability to ad-lib, are terrified to the point of breaking into a cold sweat just at the prospect of having to “think outside the box?” Does your breathing become rapid & uneven upon realizing that no set of instructions came inside of that box? 

As you decide which of these types best defines you, now or maybe in the future, let’s revisit those dictionary definitions. An interesting (to us, at least) discovery or observation was made when we researched these two words in the dictionary. The dictionary classifies “creative” as an adjective, which describes something or someone else, and defines it as “…resulting from originality of thought & expression..imaginative…originative…,” or simply “…having the quality or power of creating.” Quite abstract in meanings, and generally lacking any physical form or presence. 

However; the same dictionary considers “creativity” to be a noun (which we all know from grade school to be a person, place or thing), and defines it as “…the ability to transcend traditional rules, ideas, patterns…and to create meaningful new rules, ideas, patterns,…” as well as calling it a skill to be coveted “…the state or quality of being creative.” So, creativity has a degree of physicality to it, and a concrete form giving it a structure; and, as such, is something desirable to possess. 

It’s funny – but not in the “ha-ha” way – to note the same root word having very different meanings & intents based on just a change of their suffixes. We have no qualms with this whatsoever. In our internet-based universe, the word “creative” is not just a descriptive term, but an entire category unto itself, and relates to a specific offering. Known throughout the digital marketing realm as Creative Services (very original name, we know), this portion of our business is vast. It includes varieties of video production, content & promotional materials in print and digital form, graphic design, email, Social Media & lead generation marketing campaigns, Website design & White Label Services, to scratch the surface on some of the more popular creative services our clients require. We have omitted as many of the Creative Services we offer as we have just listed. Still, we trust that our point regarding the width & depth of what encompasses the world of Creative Services is clear. 

We see the act of taking someone’s business dreams & visions, and making them a reality with limitless growth & profitability potential, as our definition of “creative.” In that light, we see it as equal parts noun and adjective. Creative is who we are just as much as it is what we do. From our clients’ perspective, they seek a Creative Marketing Agency rich with Creativity to help them go from “I want to” to “I am.” Sometimes that journey is quick & easy, and other times neither; but without creativity serving as the fuel for their business vehicle, the trip can be over before really getting started.

It seems plausible that you recognize the topic of Creative/Creativity as our theme for this week’s blogs & white papers. Our specific focus will be on steering you away from the Top 3 Creative Marketing Mistakes we see being made by those within your type of business or industry. We hope you might avoid making some of these mistakes within your own business – if you’re not already making some of them! 

Ready for some professional guidance and assistance with Creative Services for your business? Questions about the effectiveness of your business’s current Creative Marketing Content & Campaigns? Contact 1SEO’s experts for a free digital marketing assessment today!

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