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Reviews & The Professional Services Provider: Your Current Clients Know You’re The Best – Shouldn’t Prospective Clients Know That Too?

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There is likely little debate that your experience & expertise within your distinct professional services business place you among the more successful practitioners within your chosen field. Consequently, you might find yourself frequently serving as a valuable resource for industry peers, seeking the elevation of their proficiencies to emulate your professional achievements more closely. As such, your names will surely be at the front of our minds or on the tip of our tongues, should we find ourselves in need of assistance within your line of work. That courtesy also applies if asked by anyone within our circles of influence where best to turn for help within your chosen field. 

Top 3 Ways to Get Reviews for The Professional Services Industry

No words of appreciation are required, as we are content that this professional respect is bidirectional. We entrust that if one of your personal friends or professional colleagues requires expert-level internet marketing guidance & support, you would include 1SEO near or at the top of your short-list of recommendations. Of course, that trust is predicated on the likelihood that you would recommend nothing less than the award-winning digital agency best capable of fulfilling their needs, correct? Just remember when you do that this referral need not be limited to businesses within the greater Philadelphia & Central New Jersey region. Our company headquarters are in Bucks County, PA, but our online digital marketing services are available to all national & international businesses. Anywhere the internet goes, our online digital agency can go – and these days, that’s pretty much everywhere! 
As a token of appreciation for the decorum found in our reciprocal respect, please accept a potentially invaluable piece of advice gleaned from our many years of experience in the area of Reputation Management. For better or worse, all of your business’s current and former clients have drawn personal but conclusive opinions of you and your business. Most of those clients will contain their viewpoints within themselves, only to be shared in the more intimate of settings, and with the few people allowed to occupy their inner circle of trust. Only a select few will express their positions unprompted. Even then, nothing but the most extreme of scenarios will compel someone into putting their steadfast beliefs into writing, for anyone to see and read. When they do, they transform from being just another opinion into something much better – or far worse: reviews.
Those reviews, whether truthfully written or spitefully penned, will be absorbed by your prospective clients. Like it or not, they care what your current & former clients say & think about you. More often than not, those reviews will serve as a determining factor in whether to use your business or not. Therefore, it is in the best interest of your business’s future to gather as many positive reviews of your business as possible. Positive reviews will help confirm the quality of your business and offset any negative reviews that might come up. Unfortunately, many professional services providers struggle in gathering client reviews, so to help you down the road of business reviews collection, here are our Top 3 Ways to Get Reviews for the Professional Services Industry.
How Excellent is your Customer Service? Before you answer that question with “quite excellent” or something to that effect, remember that perspectives vary from person to person, so what you might see as “top-notch” may be seen quite differently by your customers. Everyone in your company should focus on actively listening to your customers and engaging with them, not just during the immediate time spent together, but also well beyond the current interaction.
You Gotta Ask? As mentioned above, most of your customers – even the delighted ones – will not extend their compliments beyond a few spoken words. It is up to you & your staff to find the time & method most suitable to your business and specifically request that the happy clients share their pleasure with the world beyond your four walls. And remember: once a new review gets posted, you must respond to them. A simple “thanks for the great review” may suffice, and for the few negative reviews you may receive, take the time & steps necessary to seek common ground to reduce the potential damage from a bad review.
Be Social: Social Media is here to stay, and channels like Facebook now go well beyond their original intent as a “meeting place.” A business’s Facebook pages now serve as official business pages, much like your company website, just a bit less formal. If you aren’t currently investing in Facebook Marketing, or worse, don’t even have a business Facebook page, set one up quickly. Take advantage of the more-relaxed climate to engage with current & prospective customers, and ask the happier ones to post a quick review.
Today’s business patrons have more choices of whom to award their business. They also have access to more resources than ever before, including internet access to any of the scores of online review sites that exist. Rather than trying to swim against the tide, make the internet, and the reviews found within it, work to your advantage.
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