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Home Services Guide to Link Building

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Establishing your reputation as a trusted and highly regarded voice in your field remains essential for any home service company. Building that reputation is especially important for your website and improving your ranking in Google searches. For most home service companies, building that ranking goes beyond high-quality customer service and quality reviews. Taking the time to build up your SEO goes a long way towards establishing that reputation and improving your ranking. A critical component of your SEO strategy centers around quality backlinks to your site. But how do you go about the link building process and ensure that the links to your site are of the right quality to help build your ranking? 

The Truth About Link Building

The hardest part of any SEO strategy is creating quality backlinks to your site to improve your search ranking. The Google algorithms that trawl through all of the websites on the internet have particular items that they look for regarding determining the ranking of a specific website. While no one outside of Google knows everything that the algorithms check for and how they prioritize each factor; however, we know that Google has highly valued backlinks since the beginning. 

So much so that over the years, Google has changed how link building has been evaluated. Google has utilized its frequent Penguin updates to change how link building contributes to the ranking. This was done to better qualify a quality link due to SEOs in the past abusing the system. However, good SEOs know how to work within the system and build quality links for your site and business!

The Quality of the Backlink Matters

One of the easiest ways to think about backlinks and how Google ranks is to think about them in terms of referring your friends to your favorite restaurant. They trust your opinion more because they know you and value your opinion over someone else. Backlinks work in much the same way. If a reputable service or website links back to your site, then the algorithm treats that as a quality backlink based on the other site’s status as a trusted source. The key to link building revolves around getting as many trusted and reputable sites as possible to link to your site, thus further establishing your credibility in the eyes of the Google algorithm. 

How to Start Building Better Links

The key to getting another reputable site or business to link back to your site requires a healthy mix of a few key ingredients; quality content, reviews, mentions, and links from friends and partners from within your industry. Let’s start with the content.

Make Content People Want to Share

If you want the right people to link back to your site, you need to give them a reason to in the first place. This starts with creating quality content that people will want to share or reference on their site and provide a link back to your site. Informative and engaging content, often in the form of blogs with relevant visual pieces included, are effective ways of building your reputation and providing reasons for people to share your content. In the beginning, you’ll have to do a fair share of self-promoting to get the right eyes on your content and get other sites to share and link your content. 

Get Reviews and Mentions

Further establishing your home service as trusted and reliable in the eyes of the algorithm centers around how people positively mention your business. Encourage your customers to leave Google reviews touting your expertise in your services. Additionally, identify influencers within the home services industry and have them positively mention and plug your business and services. 

Use Your Network to Build Your Links

Have your friends and colleagues within your industry include backlinks to your site from theirs. Be careful here; the relevance of who is doing the linking matters! You want the links to your site to be from sources within your industry for the maximum impact. A backlink from an unrelated business or influencer will be ranked less favorably than from a source within your industry. 

Let 1SEO Help You Build Better Links

At 1SEO, we know that the better a home service ranks on Google, the more likely you will provide quality service to your customers and build a better life for your family. With our expert SEO team, we can help you build better backlinks and establish your reputation as a trusted entity in the home services field. Contact us to learn more about the SEO services and content marketing services that we provide and find out how we can help your business today!

About the Author:

Dan Matthews is your friendly neighborhood content writer at 1SEO. His secret dream is to go onto Guy’s Grocery Games, win, and parlay that into a recurring role as a judge. You can find him around town sampling the finest taco spots Philadelphia has to offer.

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