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Reputation Management Week: Yes – You DO Care What Others Think & Say!

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Of all the many digital marketing services offered by 1SEO to its clients, Reputation Management is one of the most commonly chosen options, and for obvious reasons. Even the most finely-crafted internet marketing strategies & campaigns in the world will struggle to overcome the potential adverse effects from just a handful of nasties said about you or your business. It wouldn’t be prudent to our existence as a digital agency to downplay the role that many of our services can have in the growth & prosperity of a business. Absolute is the impact of proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a potential customer’s ability to locate your business. A few cleverly strategized pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can significantly boost your online presence. Your use of Social Media and investment in Social Media Marketing on channels like Facebook, Instagram & YouTube can place your business directly in front of your target audience’s eyes. The design & functionality of your business’s website may be unparalleled, and ready to maximize the content found within its pages. But all of these efforts – and the time & money spent on them – will be for naught, if the quality of your business’s reputation is not of equal value.  

Under most circumstances and in the majority of situations, you don’t genuinely care if someone tells you what they think about you on a personal level. Sure, depending on what that opinion is, you might feel a moment of emotion, either positive or negative. Still, it’s a pretty safe bet that you don’t find yourself losing sleep over what they think. 

On the other hand, you likely care profoundly about what gets said about your business. Your professional reputation is what you’ve worked so hard over the years to establish. Now it’s at risk of being sullied based on just a few harshly-stated or written comments likely made in the heat of an off moment. Beyond only the damage to your reputation is that to your income generation device (a.k.a. “your business”). That steady, reliable flow can be significantly affected by what is being said about you and your business. 

The severity of the statements, the method by which those allegations are made, and the audience exposed to those claims are critical. You might have a case for filing slander or libel charges against the individual(s) saying or writing these things about you. Whether these statements are true or not is of little relevance if they can cause long-term detrimental effects. Furthermore, you may be motivated to seek restitution for potential long-term damage done to your character. This is your reputation we’re talking about, and on rare occasions you may need to actively manage your reputation, or hire a professional Reputation Management firm, to ensure no permanent harm comes from this incident. 

We spent all of last week discussing the role reviews play in the business world. At almost every turn, we found that Reputation Management & reviews were intertwined with and inseparable from each other. Those discussions about reviews served as a natural segue into a more in-depth examination of Reputation Management, and why you should care about it. In the days ahead, we will narrow our focus on Reputation Management mistakes we see made with frequency within the major business verticals. Our goal is to help you avoid these pitfalls for your business. Please don’t ask why we do this, because our answer is simple. Our award-winning reputation as the best internet marketing agency in the Philadelphia & Central New Jersey region is at stake, so we’re actively managing it! 

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