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How to Rank Number One on YouTube for Local Search

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Many digital marketers take YouTube for granted, treating as if it were any other social media platform — a huge mistake. You can’t simply post content on YouTube and expect success. You need to optimize the content as if it were a website.

If you want your video to rank first on YouTube for chosen keywords in local searches, here are some ways you can get started.


Researching keywords should be completed the same way you or your SEO company normally would when optimizing written content for SEO purposes. When optimizing for your particular service area, often your keywords will include cities, states and other location information, especially if you’re hoping to attract locals to your business. Including locations in your keywords makes it easier for those seeking particular products and services nearby, which is typically the case.


Appropriately tagging your videos with keywords and other relevant phrases isn’t exactly rocket science, but it’s still a crucial measure to take. Tag with both single words and longer phrases.

Let’s say your video is about your Italian restaurant in Philadelphia. Therefore, tag it with “Italian restaurant,” “Philadelphia,” and “Italian restaurant in Philadelphia.” Before you know it, you’ll have a list of relevant tags. The same words that you use in your tags can also be incorporated into your description.


Writing just a few sentences in the description is another common mistake. Expand on that information. Add links to your website and social media platforms, leave contact information with a call to action, and, of course, use your keywords naturally.

If you want people to click the link to your website, include it in the first few lines, so users don’t have to click “show more” in order to see it. At the same time, incorporate an engaging hook that will make people want to click “show more” to read the full description.

With a long description, users can gain more insight to not just your video, but your business, as well. Don’t be afraid of including plenty of information. This will give you ample opportunity to include your relevant keywords.

Now What?

If you want your YouTube videos to gain views, subscribers, and rankings, and subsequently expand your business, it’s vital that you spend time optimizing your videos. Following these simple steps will put you on the path to success; however, there is more to learn.

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