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How Google’s New Portrait Mode-Like Features Can Benefit Your Business

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Google’s Pixel 2 phone has possibly the most highly-developed camera of all modern mobile devices. The camera’s variety of features allows it to capture crisp, focused, and segmented photos. One of the main reasons for this is AI technology, which Google has utilized to produce better images out of the smartphone’s small lens.

Some of these top-of-the-line images include the Pixel 2’s famous portrait shots. Portrait mode allows the camera to blur backgrounds and drastically sharpen the subjects of photos. And even with the clean portrait modes on phones like the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X, the Pixel’s camera edges them out and remains at the top of the pack.

Though the Pixel 2’s portrait mode and segmentation could previously only be found on that specific mobile device, Google is now opening up a similar system and technology that makes it available to other developers.

Google’s Upcoming Plans

By open-sourcing this technology, Google is allowing other phones to obtain features similar to those of the Pixel 2’s camera. The brain behind these advancements is called DeepLab-v3+, a coding technology that gives each camera pixel its own label to identify objects in the background and foreground. DeepLab-v3+ uses image segmentation to analyze objects within a picture and set them apart.

While DeepLab-v3+ is not the exact technology that is used in the Pixel phones, it helps users recreate the same effects. Specifically, DeepLab-v3+ is an image segmentation tool that is built using convolutional neural networks, or CNNs, a machine learning method that strongly analyzes visual data.

With this technology, users can make the subjects of photos significantly stand out. Not only is this a great opportunity for personal use, but it allows developers to make this technology even more advanced, which can help to propel smartphones and their cameras even further.

In fact, these accuracy levels could not even be imagined as little as five years ago. By open-sourcing the technology for their fellow developers, the team at Google is inviting feedback, improvements, and even reproduction of this type of technology.

What This Could Mean For You

Almost every business has a developer that handles their website and other technology. Development is the backbone of a lot of companies, especially those that rely upon utilizing technology. And with this open-sourcing, many developers can have access to even more ground-breaking technology. Not only can they use it for the benefit of their company or brand, but they can perhaps change the industry if they implement new improvements. At the very least, DeepLab-v3+ can help developers who need to use image segmentation quickly.

If your company has an app, you can especially benefit from the open-sourcing. App developers can use DeepLab-v3+ to increase photo quality and market their products more successfully, which ultimately results in a much cleaner looking app and a higher chance of getting more business. If customers see clear, crisp, segmented imagery on an application, they are more likely to use it more often, recommend it to their friends, and utilize the services and products that the app offers.

With this technology available on other smartphones besides the Pixel 2, users will be able to take higher-quality photos. Both end users and developers can reap the features’ benefits and create ideas for similar technology to make marketing, taking photos, and displaying images a simpler process.

This software is still in the development stages, which is why open-sourcing it could help it improve. By making it available to the public, Google can benefit along with developers throughout the world. While it may seem like a small development, DeepLab-v3+ could help smartphone technology advance by leaps and bounds.

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