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Perhaps you think that as a digital marketing agency, it is in our best interests to continually hype all things internet-related. Furthermore, you may believe that our self-interest serves as a “justification” for everything we say or advise others to do. For both of those inclinations, your thoughts are not only understood and respected, but also accurate – partially. Our reality is that we enjoy what we do – and apparently, we are very good at it – but no need for you to take our word on this. The evidence for the “strength of our game” can be found within the dozens of client testimonial videos that fill up a page on our website and a good portion of our YouTube page. Feel free to read the hundreds of stellar client reviews that occupy our Google My Business, Facebook, and several other Social Media pages. Despite all this praise, we remain both humble and appreciative for every kind word & thought our clients have about us. We can never thank them enough for the recognition of our skills gladly provided time & again.
Nevertheless, what is even more emotionally moving is being recognized by those within our industry and lateral industries for our knowledge & expertise regarding digital marketing. Even better is being asked by our peers to don the “Instructor” hat and share our know-how by teaching others. How would you expect us to respond? First: Thank you; we would be thrilled! And Second: You like apples? How about those apples?
This was the case on Wednesday, July 29th, 2020. CallRail, one of the industry leaders in the phone call and web form tracking & analytics, held the first of its three-part “Summer School” webinar training days. Dedicated to the in-depth analysis & thorough understanding of the lead lifecycle, Part 1 carried the title “Make The Phone Ring.” Following a brief introduction & explanation by the hosts regarding the purpose & goals for this webinar series, the day’s lessons could get underway. 
The initial session, “Generating Calls Through Paid Ads,” intended to lay the foundation for all that lay ahead, covering the fundamentals of Paid Search & Paid Social Media Advertising. Understanding the impact of each, as well as how to set goals and how to be found by those within your target audiences, is perhaps the best platform from which to jump into these discussions. CallRail’s attention was turned towards two of the industry’s leading minds, widely recognized for their fluency in all aspects of Paid Search & Social Media:  1SEO’s Chief Operations Officer CJ Bachmann & Derek Hartman, Agency Development Manager at Google.
The session itself clocked in at just under 45 minutes, yet contained enough practical guidance & useful information to keep the attendees busy for months to come. Naturally, the positive ripple effects will reverberate for many years to follow, if the attendees are successful at integrating some of this newly acquired knowledge into their own businesses!
In our previous “event-spotlight” Blogs, we usually take time to detail two or three of the key takeaways to serve as “supporting evidence” to the value of the happening as a whole. However, there were many valuable lessons & nuggets of knowledge crammed into this session’s scant 45 minutes. So many, that we would be doing a great injustice to all of it if we tried to simply feature some of it. With this in mind, we are including an accompanying White Paper, copious with expanded coverage of the session & information disseminated within. As there was no “user-friendly” way to squeeze everything into a Top 3 or Top 5 list, we opted to expand into the broader confines of a Top 10 Takeaways list. However, as many of these Top 10’s contain multiple takeaway points within, this could just as quickly have been a Top 20 list, and still possess room for growth!  
If, in the past, you’ve rarely or never felt motivated to download a White Paper, we strongly suggest that you forget about history and focus on the future – of your business – by downloading this White Paper. In addition to the knowledge you will assuredly gain – or be reminded of already possessing, but failing to apply – there is a valuable special offer waiting for you at the end. Think of it as our way of thanking you for one more opportunity to substantiate our claim on the title of the best digital marketing agency in the Greater Philadelphia & Central New Jersey region, and beyond!

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