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Our Lives – And Businesses – Will Never Be The Same…

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We have just entered the 2nd half of 2020, but already there is a consensus that this year will be one of those that in the future will be looked back upon as generation-defining. Every year has its share of unique events of significance and magnitude. For 2020, what jumps out at you? 

The better question might be: Where do we begin? This year started in much the same way 2019 ended, in the shadow of the 1st Presidential Impeachment in over 20 years. We watched an entire Continent catch fire (Australia, in case you’ve already forgotten). We witnessed the aftermath of a helicopter crash in Southern California that cut short the life of one of the world’s most popular & respected athletes, well before his time. And we heard rumblings about the latest “viral apocalypse” that was coming for us all, starting at an outdoor meat market somewhere on the other side of the planet. And that was just January…

Most of the life-altering events to follow the first month of the year continue to this day. They do not need rehashing herein; that is not the purpose of this piece. We all know what the last five months have reaped, and the havoc it has brought to our everyday lives. The very structure of family and social happenings have changed, at least for the immediate future, and perhaps for much longer. Hence, it stands to reason that similar business world changes are imminent, if not already underway. We’ve already seen some of these differences enacted in the physical sense: One-way doors & aisles; minimum spacing between seats, tables, and desks; limitations on the number of people per store or areas within; hand washing & sanitizing stations in abundance; and so on. Following the logical progression of this “new normal,” the question every business needs to ask itself – and answer with haste if they wish to remain in their chosen business lines is:
Since I’ve already had to make changes to many aspects of how my business operates, do I also need to alter my Marketing campaigns & strategies? 
The answer is an obvious YES. It should’ve been evident to anyone who doesn’t believe that this pandemic – as recently suggested – will one day just “magically disappear.” As great as that would be for all of us, most believe that it is an overly-optimistic position to take. Therefore, it is not a realistic perspective to base your current & future business marketing strategies around. We trust that your are among the majority of business owners, officers & managers that believe they do need to adjust their approach to business marketing accordingly; the question first & foremost is: 
Where do I start making changes to my Marketing campaigns & strategies?
The answer to that is not necessarily as apparent as our previous question’s response might have been, but we in the Digital Marketing industry believe that a great place to start might be with your company’s email marketing campaigns & strategies. In that light, we’re going to take the next few days to explore & partially-dissect the email marketing strategies already being used within many of today’s businesses, and reveal some of the more common email marketing mistakes being made by each. Our goal is assumingly concurrent with yours: To generate more quality business leads, to stimulate more sales with a higher profit margin, and as a result, continue to grow your business. Schedule your free email marketing consultation with our experts today.

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