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Is There A Doctor In The House? Yes? What About A Videographer?

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If you’ve been the owner and operator of a Professional Services business for an extended duration – long enough to consider yourself or be considered by others, as “being successful” within it – then please allow us to ask an innocuous question. Might it be a relatively safe assumption to suggest that you might also be considered an “expert” at what you do?

Top 3 Video Marketing Mistakes made by Professional Services


The truth is irrelevant, but you’ll get no arguments from us regardless of what it might be! But, following along that line of reasoning, on to our next questions. Wouldn’t a genuine expert admit that no matter how much they might know about any particular subject matter or how much experience they may have within a specific field of expertise, agree that it’s all-but-impossible to know absolutely everything about anything? Even if that includes their chosen profession or industry? Isn’t there almost always something additional they can learn from others within their specialty, and sometimes even from those outside their discipline, that they just hadn’t considered?

We are honest enough to proclaim for all to bear witness that, should we find ourselves in need of assistance with specialties like our taxes, or our health, or our finances – be assured that several of your names will come to the forefront of our minds. Furthermore, should anyone within our circles of influence ask us where best to turn for help within one of your chosen fields, rest easy knowing that the name of your business will be on the tip of our tongues. It is with that respect in mind that we must ask you a seemingly straightforward question:

What leads you to believe that you possess the knowledge and expertise required to conceptualize, script, shoot, edit & publish Video Marketing content for your business, all on your own? 

We hope no offense is felt by anyone reading this, as this was not our intent, but just in case: We sincerely apologize for any offense that might have been caused by the previous question. Our reason for posing this question is simple: The number of mistakes we see made by businesses that do not specialize in Video Marketing, or any aspect of what encompasses Digital Marketing, is astounding! Trust us when we state that the sheer number of individual errors made is quite large, and to attempt to provide a detailed list of all would not fit within the confines of this article or page. However, to serve you with what we feel are the Top 3 Video Marketing Mistakes made by Professional Services companies, our goal is to help you avoid making them when your next Video Marketing campaign is looming on the horizon:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the science behind making any & all content posted online “viewable” by search engines. A common incorrect assumption exists that this is only relevant to words posted online, and has little or nothing to do with Video Content. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Be sure to hire a professional Digital Marketing Agency to handle the SEO needs of your business.

To get to where you are now, you had to make significant investments in your education and the launching of your business, to name a few along the way, so why go second-rate with your Video Production? We don’t care how advanced your new smartphone’s camera might be; make the small (when compared to the potential returns) investment in hiring a professional Video Production Service – you’ll be thankful you did!

Our apologies for the innuendo, but you only have six seconds to catch your target audience’s attention – so get to your point as quickly as possible, or all went for naught. The total length of your video can be longer but bear in mind that many of the younger members of your target audience have admittedly short attention spans, so try to avoid anything longer than 90 seconds, or they will certainly “swipe right!”

These are just the tip of the iceberg; and just like an iceberg, the other 99% of knowledge & experience that goes into making great Video Marketing content remain concealed beneath the surface, as the tools of the trade used by Digital Agencies. If you wish to have your Professional Services business benefit from what we know, you know how to reach us!

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