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Did Your Home Services Business Get Moved To The “Delete All” File?

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In an attempt to maximize our productivity during the 2 ½ months of Covid-19 quarantine here in Bucks County – that’s Southeastern Pennsylvania, for those outside the region – the various teams within 1SEO held regular “Virtual Roundtables.” The reasons for these sessions were multi-fold and covered a wide variety of topics. Near the end of each, we would ask broad & open-ended questions intended to generate both discussion and debate. After one of these roundtables, we posed the question,” which of the various vertical market segments and industries that we serve, would suffer the most due to the quarantine conditions imposed?” This question was followed by, “Which would feel the most prolonged effects from the so-called “new normal” that was sure to follow the lockdown?

Top 3 Email Marketing Mistakes Made by Home Services Professionals


After much discussion and debate, we finally determined that those in the Home Services industry were likely to be the most affected in both the short & long-terms. This “Home Services” category includes a wide range of services and related products, but one factor they all have in common: They perform their jobs in and around their clients’ homes. Some of these services require several hours to finish, with others needing several days to complete. Most include entering the home & working in some of the “more intimate” portions of what was supposed to be within the walls of being “safer at home” – all highly undesirable when maintaining a safe distance is vital to the health & safety of clients and employees alike.

The challenges going forward for all Home Services professionals will be sufficient to require their almost undivided attention. With these companies’ leaders’ ability to focus on the Digital Marketing needs of their businesses being extremely limited, our task is to offer the guidance and advice accumulated by our team of experts over many years. We thought we would start by targeting the email marketing strategies & campaigns they utilize, as almost every business today is using email marketing. Yet regretfully, a few of the more significant mistakes get made all-too-frequently. A complete list is too long for this limited space, but to help steer you away from committing some of the more egregious of these errors with your business email marketing, we present our Top 3 email mistakes made by Home Services Professionals. The following list is in no particular order of importance, yet adhering to each is crucial to your email marketing campaign’s success.

Of course, it’s personal! Trying to limit your email creation time and costs by writing “all-encompassing” emails, for as large an audience as possible, will often appeal to very few if any. As there are significant differences between all the names on your “universal email list,” your emails should be structured to target more narrowly tailored portions therein. And, if you can add their names to the email itself, you’ll go a long way to making that “personal connection” so vitally important in today’s competitive marketplace.

Eggs with that Spam? Making your emails for too many groups will not only backfire against your intended goal but may end up triggering the “spam filters” that are part of most of today’s email systems’ core functions. Be sure to pace your sendings as well, because receiving too many emails may steer some subscribers towards the “unsubscribe” option.
Track, or be Tracked Upon: After putting forth the time, effort, and expense of an email campaign, don’t you want to know which are working best, and which may be missing the mark? Modern email marketing software can track almost every detail and action after the “send” button is hit – make sure to take advantage of this feature.
If you want your email marketing to align with your business goals of generating more leads, sales, and profit, be sure to implement at least these minimum guidelines; and if you want to learn just how well – or poorly – your current email marketing strategies & campaigns are doing, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a more complete – and no obligationDigital Marketing Analysis.

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