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It’s HOT Outside – But EVEN HOTTER Online!

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It’s the start of another glorious work week in July, and, just in case you haven’t been paying close attention, it’s a bit on the warm side. For those living in the Philadelphia & Central New Jersey region, your first instinct was to fool yourself into believing anything but the truth. Admit that upon opening your front door early this morning; you fantasized that you were walking into the steam room at your favorite health club for just a moment. But “lucky” for you, reality set in once the logic side of your brain arrived at two realizations. The first dose of reality needing to be swallowed was that your preferred fitness location, like so many others in the greater Delaware Valley and coast-to-coast, is not open for regular business these days (thanks again, COVID-19). The second dose you needed to ingest – and is always the harder pill to take. This morning’s experience is identical to what you’ve been experiencing every morning this entire month. Based on the extended forecasts, this morning should prepare to continue feeling every morning ahead for weeks to come. Are we happy now? 

Top 3 Ways for Home Services Professionals to Acquire New Customers Online

What makes this situation even more of a nuisance is that very few of us can expect to see our business volume pick up as a direct result of the weather, with the possible exception for the HVAC industry. But like all things, this (upswing) too shall pass; and once again, we’ll all be suffering the same dilemma: Where can we find a steady flow of potential new customers? How do we make the hated-but-anticipated volume downturns of the “shoulder seasons” less extreme? How do we build our business and experience steady growth & profitability, regardless of what today’s weather brings?

The answers to all are the same: Online.  As Home Services Professionals, you are already quite aware of the positive impact that digital marketing plays in lead generation, and by extension, in helping you grow your business. Most have been experimenting with several forms of online marketing, and hopefully, have experienced some degrees of success. From an outsider’s perspective, you must assume that there isn’t a person employed at our digital marketing agency that doesn’t appreciate & respect the power of internet marketing. You would be correct in that general assumption, but each of us within has our “preferred” methods & platforms, and what we might recommend for our clients is further based on their particular type of business. A perfect example of this is about to follow: Our Top 3 Ways for Home Services Professionals to Acquire New Business Online. 

SEO is our Name, and our Game: Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the formula by which your company is found by the big search engines used for today’s online searches. By recognizing specific keywords or key phrases input by a consumer, and correlating those words & phrases to those used by your company, will determine your location within the Search Engine Results Page, or SERP. And like the “alphabet game” businesses once played for Yellow Pages listing placements, maximizing your search results within the system is key to being found.
Content is King: Placing business-related videos, articles, “helpful hints,” news stories & other “consumer-friendly” content on your website will engage them better and keep them on your site for longer. These have a direct impact on the likelihood of this consumer using your business, be that today or tomorrow; so don’t limit the quantity of fresh content you add.
Be Social: Most of today’s consumers are Social Media savvy, spending multiple hours per day between the more popular platforms like Facebook & Instagram. As compared to the “contact us” forms on websites, these platforms have a much less formal and much more comfortable air about them. Therefore, potential customers are more likely to engage with you via one of these methods than through the more formal contact methods.
Whether it’s the weather or the pandemic, nobody wants to go outside these days longer than they must. So if not now, when would be a better time to embrace the power of the Internet and help launch your business to the next level of growth & profitability?  Ready for some professional assistance with your business’s digital marketing? Contact 1SEO’s experts for a free digital marketing assessment today!

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