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Is Your eCommerce Business’s Failure to Retain Customers Engagement-Related?

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A triple-digit heat index here in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and greater Delaware Valley be damned. If this were any other time we were living in, yesterday’s extreme heat & humidity wouldn’t have stopped people from dancing in the streets to celebrate. The world-wide reaction surrounding yesterday’s announcement of not one or two, but three COVID-19 vaccines showing signs of potential effectiveness, and thus moving into the human trial stages, would inevitably have created quite the stir. Unfortunately, that celebration was postponed indefinitely, and for two good reasons. The first hindrance of jubilance towards any flicker of candlelight at the end of the pandemic tunnel is the reality of time. Even with the acceleration of recent progress, at best, it will most likely be sometime in early 2021 before any mass-produced vaccines for public use are available. The second impediment to block parties breaking out all over the country? Block parties, and any other large-crowd gathering, are strictly prohibited under the current social distancing guidelines!

Top 3 Customer Retention & Engagement Mistakes Made By the eCommerce Industry

With the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic leading to significant economic slowdowns & stoppages, the outward ripple effects surely must be felt in every business & industry. This effect is real, but the degrees of impact vary greatly depending on the type of business. One of the sectors seen as suffering only minimally is the eCommerce sector. From the digital marketing agency that specializes in custom website design & development, search engine optimization, and more; to the online stores that offer whatever you might imagine for sale; or any other “cyberspace-based” operation – it matters not. The core components that make up the eCommerce universe, and the eCommerce community as a whole, mostly exist only in the ethernet. Therefore, it does not suffer from most of the physical effects of this virus. On the contrary, many of the eCommerce-adjacent businesses have seen a boom in volume as a result of many people being “safer at home.”  
Unfortunately, many eCommerce merchants are unable to maximize the true positive potential that’s virtually right in front of them for several reasons, both overt and less so. One big issue that many within the eCommerce industry continue to suffer from is Customer Retention & Engagement. It’s no longer enough to simply be. It would be best if you thought about your online presence and digital marketing campaign strategies very carefully. Otherwise, you will risk losing the business you already have acquired and struggle with generating new customers. We see many errors repeatedly on multiple fronts, but for today let’s focus on what we in the digital marketing realm consider to be the Top 3 Customer Retention & Engagement Mistakes made by the eCommerce Industry.
Are You Experienced? A failure of website design & developers and eCommerce businesses alike, a smoothly-running website that is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and minimizes pop-ups and other encumbrances are all critical to maximizing the User Experience.
Can They Hear You? Think about your target audience, and what appeals to them. Now examine your digital marketing campaigns, platforms, and messages within the various channels. What do they say about you, and more importantly, what do they say to your target audience about you? There are multiple options available in today’s digital world to focus your efforts directly on your intended audience; are you using the right ones?
Is Loyalty Recognized & Rewarded? Whether special offers for repeat customers, VIP-type membership opportunities, or rewards programs for repeat business, the foundation of any customer retention effort is letting them know how much you appreciate their patronage today, and loyalty tomorrow and beyond.
Also, be sure to remember that Customer Retention starts with Customer Engagement, so if you fail to engage, you might also fail to retain. Not sure if your eCommerce business’s digital marketing is engaging and retaining your customers, or how to optimize these for your business? Contact 1SEO’s experts for a free digital marketing assessment today!

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