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Home Services Guide to Lead Generation

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The main question that every home service business owner asks their digital marketing agency comes back to a straightforward concept; how do I get more leads? In terms of volume and overall quality, lead generation can make or break a business. Quality leads mean that your business gets a steady stream of conversions and new customers to drive revenue forward. However, you may be wondering what constitutes a good lead, what services can you use to find them, and how do you ensure that you can convert those leads into actual revenue for your business. Thankfully, 1SEO is here to guide you through the best practices for lead generation!

In It For the Long Haul with SEO

Anytime someone has a problem with their home, whether it’s plumbing, heating, or what have you, the first thing they do is Google “Home services near me.” With the right SEO strategy, you can position yourself at the top of the list and capitalize on these leads. Lead generation should balance immediate results and build a lasting model that creates a sustainable lead pipeline. By focusing on the keywords that tie directly into the home services you offer, you can ensure that the right potential clients find your relevant content when they open up their inevitable Google search. 

Getting Your Brand in Front of the Right People With PPC

Sometimes you don’t have complete control over where your business comes up in Google search results. Suppose you only operate in a specific area. In that case, you can still pop up in search results outside of your geographic location and have someone go through the motions of visiting your site, converting by trying to book an appointment only then to find out that they are outside your service area. To help minimize these lower quality leads, a dedicated Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can get your name in front of the people that benefit most from your services. 

With a PPC campaign, you can target specific keywords that you want to appear for potential customer searches. You only pay for each time someone clicks on the paid ad at the top of the search results. The leads generated through a PPC campaign typically are of a higher quality because the people that search for these specific keywords look for a definite solution to a defined problem and are within your service area. 

Once you get the potential customer to click on the link, you have to utilize the right content to generate a quality lead. Having a dedicated landing page highlighting your services with an associated call to action can help create that conversion. Formulating a strong strategy for each PPC ad can improve the quality of the leads you are getting and improve your overall ROI. 

How To Make Friends and Generate Leads Through Social Media

One of the best ways to generate quality leads for your home services business has become through social media. On the surface, this may seem at odds with how you see platforms such as Facebook and Instagram being for connecting with your aunt that you only see at Christmas. However, thanks to the rise of social media advertising, you can utilize various ads to get people into your funnel and, ultimately, turn them in to recurring customers. 

Creating a social ad campaign to generate leads requires a deft creative touch to cut through the noise found within these apps. Getting creative with the type of ads, their content, knowing the kind of audience you want to target, and how to best deploy them are all considerations that you want to take into account when you develop your social media strategy. Through carousel ads, videos, and creating dedicated instant experiences, you can utilize the creative freedom to generate the kinds of leads you want and can convert into actionable business. 

Bringing It All Together

Lead generations remain one of the most important goals of a home service digital marketing strategy. Creating and converting quality leads will help improve your ROI and drive your business forward. With the help of 1SEO, our team can help you generate the kinds of leads that help your business thrive over the long term. Through our PPC, Social Media, and SEO services, we’ll help you generate quality leads that turn into conversions, which help boost your ROI and overall revenue. Contact us today to get started generating better leads!

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