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Top 3 Video Marketing Mistakes Legal

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A well-known and widely-accepted adage says, “A man who serves as his own lawyer has a fool for a client.” While there remains much debate to the exact origin of that quote – one source references the earliest documented use from a book published in 1682 – it seems only logical that it has its roots deeply planted within the Legal profession. Regardless of where it started, various paraphrases of the same concept are applied to just about any & every trade and, by extension, to any situation wherein the argument seemingly suggests that some things are just best left in the hands of those with the proper training & experience, a.k.a. “Professionals.”

Top 3 Video Marketing Mistakes Made By The Legal Services Industry

As this is being written primarily for those within the Legal profession, let’s focus our analogy directly within this bailiwick, and pose it as a question – the answer is likely axiomatic. When asked to provide legal services for a client, does it genuinely matter which side of the particular case the retained Legal team is representing, so long as adequate preparations are made before arguing the case in a court of law? It is reasonable to assume that “yes” is the all-but unanimous answer to that question (does anyone disagree?). In that light, let’s use another adage that might be a little less famous than our first one, but is equally consistent with our objective herein: If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
With these points in mind, let’s apply these guidelines to the realm of Digital Marketing for Lawyers, and more specifically, to Video Marketing. It seems almost impossible to tune into a Television broadcast today and not see at least one commercial spot for a local or regional law firm – an accurate observation on our part? Well, if you apply our “opening arguments” above to those commercials, there are several “rules of order” that are employed in the creation of the too-scarce “good ones” that, unfortunately for the overall majority that remains, are not followed. Because they are not factored into the initial stages of development, the time & dollars spent on the campaign are all-but wasted. 
Suppose you intend to use Video Marketing for your Legal Services agency – excellent! But, as there are many mistakes commonly made before these spots ever go to air, here are three of the most significant errors we see, hoping that you will avoid making them:
What are you trying to say? Many of the Legal Services commercials try to tell everything about their firm, hoping that something resonates with the target audience – but instead, they end up saying nothing! It is impossible to fit every bullet-point you can think of into a single 30-second spot; thus, it is essential to focus on delivering just one clear point or message per spot; and save the other arguments for future ads.
Did you hire an 18-year old with an iPhone to shoot this? You (hopefully) wouldn’t wear a wrinkled, dirty, and/or unsuitable-to-the-occasion outfit to represent a client in court; the image you portray can sometimes make or break your case, and snowball into long-term negative impressions of your firm. Therefore, If you are going to make the often-sizeable investment into the airtime costs of TV commercials, make sure to budget the additional dollars required to hire a professional Video Production Service for your spot. 
What’s the purpose of the video ad? Surmising that the initial ambition behind making these ads is to generate new clients for your agency and grow & expand your company, be sure to include your “sales pitch,” but don’t make it sound like a stereotypical used-car salesman! Make sure it is focused as previously discussed, and once delivered, designed to create a Call-To-Action – that action being to contact your firm – agreed!
The goal of Video Marketing is, if nothing else, to help your agency rise above the many competitors in your field, and therefore be the preferred choice for representation. For that to happen, please make sure that you adhere to the guidance provided herein, and you find yourself on the path to maximizing your advertising dollars. Follow this link to download your copy of “The Top 3 Video Marketing Mistakes Made By the Legal Services Industry” and contact our experts today for a free consultation

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