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I’ll Take “Home Services Essential Guide to Email Marketing” For 1000, 1SEO

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Communicating with your customers has proven essential to grow your business and drive revenue forward effectively. With people communicating through email, home services need to leverage it and meet them in the digital world. But an effective email marketing campaign goes beyond spamming their inboxes with coupons. You have to find ways to get customers to open your email and then make the corresponding link clicks and convert into a sale. Home services can take the initiative and craft an engaging campaign, beginning with an essential part of any email marketing campaign- your email list.

How Do I Build My Email List?

For the most part, getting people to sign up for your email mailing list can prove challenging. People don’t want another spammy email cluttering their already overrun inbox. Part of the way that you get people to give you their email and, in turn, valuable inbox space is by demonstrating that your email blasts provide value that they can’t get elsewhere. 

Building your email list and fleshing it with qualified leads requires a little bit of finesse. As people come to your site and look through your offerings, the chances are they will leave your site before turning into a lead. Through pop-ups, you can highlight the benefits of subscribing to your newsletter. Utilizing incentives such as exclusive newsletter discounts on services or a no-risk quote can be ways of showing potential subscribers that your newsletter is worth the subscription. Take the time to craft these incentives to ensure they provide clear benefits to your subscribers. 

Ok, So I Built an Email List. Now What?

One of the keys to crafting an effective email marketing campaign comes down to the email blasts’ content. Engaging content and the right service will help drive your campaign forward and see these subscribers convert into qualified leads. With services out there such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and Klaviyo, you can use your curated email list and build an engaging newsletter that provides your subscribers with the kind of content that provides clear benefits for their home service needs. 

How Often Should I Send Something Out?

Your email marketing campaign’s long-term effectiveness will depend on how well you add to the list and retain those subscribers. If your content starts to veer away from being a clear and present benefit, people will hit the unsubscribe button. You want to keep your content and services front and center, but you also don’t want to overrun their inbox with your newsletters. Finding the right frequency to send out your email marketing content is a delicate balance to strike. The kind of audience you are dealing with helps determine that sweet spot for sending out newsletters. Still, typically, once a month is the sweet spot for the frequency of your email blasts to keep your business on your subscribers’ minds and not overstimulate or spam them with content. 

My Email List Is BIG. How Do I Deliver Tailored Content to Everyone? 

As we’ve discussed, one of the most important things with an email marketing campaign is to keep delivering relevant content to your subscribers. However, as your email list grows, keeping the content suitable for everyone can prove challenging. Different portions of your email lists may be interested in one facet of your home services more than others. How can you keep your email marketing campaigns relevant for all of your subscribers and keep those subscription numbers high? Implementing email segmentation can prove beneficial. 

Email segmentation means that you can break your email list down and send different content to the different segments. You can tailor your newsletters to specific audiences within your email list and continue to deliver relevant content to your entire list. 

Let 1SEO Take Your Email Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level!

Creating and delivering a comprehensive and engaging email marketing campaign can prove challenging for the home services industry. You have multiple plates to juggle on the operations side, and administrative side of the business that ensuring that the email marketing initiatives reach the heights that your business and customers deserve is an added pressure that can be troublesome. With an agency like 1SEO on your side, we can help you develop and implement an email marketing campaign that delivers results and converts subscribers into paying customers! Contact our team today to learn more about how we help the home service industry develop effective email marketing campaigns!

About the Author:

Dan Matthews is your friendly neighborhood content writer at 1SEO. His secret dream is to go onto Guy’s Grocery Games, win, and parlay that into a recurring role as a judge. You can find him around town sampling the finest taco spots Philadelphia has to offer.

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