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Let Your Wrist Do the Talking: Implementing a Safety Plan For Your Office

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COVID-19 has changed the way we do business. Companies around the country are struggling to create a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. Although many businesses are pushing to return to a sense of normality, there are many obstacles they must overcome.

At 1SEO, we saw how complicated it has become for a company to safely and successfully reopen a workplace. Our management team experienced firsthand the challenges of opening an office during the pandemic.

Often overlooked when implementing health and safety measures, creating a sense of security among employees is paramount to successful policy implementation. The central question 1SEO management staff faced was; How do employees interact with one another in a respectful health-conscious way? 

During a pandemic, social interactions between employees can be especially complicated. How does someone know how to approach a fellow employee? Is it okay to shake their hand? Can you come over to their desk? Should you just send an email? These are only a few of the questions an employee must face when dealing with their coworkers. Finding a simple solution to the awkward realm of pandemic social distancing became a goal of 1SEO.

The management team developed an office wristband system so that our employees could visually determine the level of communication they could engage in with their coworkers. This wristband system provides our office workers the ability to interact comfortably with one another.

Starting the Day

First, a business should ensure that all employees are healthy when they return to the workplace. The enforcement of a temperature-taking policy prior to entering the office will reduce the chances of indoor contamination. A universal policy applying to everyone builds trust amongst coworkers.

It’s All in the Wrist

After making sure our employees did not have a fever, 1SEO set-up three containers, each holding colored wristbands. The bands are divided into three colors for office use; green, yellow, and red. Each color signifies the level of comfort an employee has with social interactions in the workplace.


Indicates an employee is comfortable with interacting with fellow workers. They can be greeted in-person with minimal precautions.


Indicates an employee will socially interact with others but is being cautious. They can be greeted, but conversations should be brief and at a distance


Indicates an employee does not want to engage with others and is being very cautious. They prefer to be contacted with methods other than in-person communication.

Getting Everyone Onboard

When offices began reopening after the lockdowns in the spring, our management team held a company-wide meeting introducing the new measures being put into place. Employees were encouraged to offer feedback on the policy, allowing them to express their level of comfort with returning to the workplace.

We also stressed the importance of how an employee utilizes the wristband system. Employees should not approach others based on the color of their band but the color of their coworkers’ bands. When properly explained and implemented, the policy was quickly and correctly adopted by our staff. 1SEO employees can now freely exchange work ideas without worrying about the social awkwardness of proper pandemic etiquette.

Additional Measures

Even though our wristband system has been successful, 1SEO management realized personalized solutions for individual employees might be necessary. Every company needs to take into consideration the particular needs of each of its workers. With schools still closed, and some employees very cautious about COVID-19, management teams should adjust workplace policies accordingly. In some cases, it is better to have a staff member work remotely. In other cases, personnel may want to be in the office but distanced away from everyone. It is crucial to the flow of a workplace that employees are provided with options that suit their approach to health and safety.

1SEO realized the successful reopening of any workplace required more than increased cleaning and sanitizing. Employees must be able to feel safe as they return to work. The implementation of the wristband system offers a simple yet effective way to address the needs of your employees as they work with one another.

We are committed to providing your company with the tools needed to successfully navigate today’s challenging business environment. The team at 1SEO also wants to wish all of our clients the best of health and continued success!

About the Author:

John De Lancey is a Content Writer at 1SEO. When he isn’t busy being Dad to his two young sons, he usually found trying to sneak a nap around the house. He enjoys the arts and believes creativity is the key to a happy life!

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