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How to Choose a Digital Agency: Selecting the Best Marketing Firm

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Are you trying to get your company’s marketing strategy to reach new heights? If so, then you’re probably considering all the ways to bump up your digital marketing game. Perhaps the only thing missing from your current digital marketing strategy is the touch of a professional — someone who has the experience and know-how to push your brand through the right online outlets.

Hiring a digital marketing agency can offer you that. It will allow you the luxury of joining forces with a passionate marketing brand. Here are several tips on how to choose a digital agency that will give your brand the best chance at succeeding in the online marketplace:

1. Discuss Your Budget

Often, companies have a preconceived notion that a digital marketing agency is out of their price range. However, as long as you give yourself plenty of options, you should find it relatively easy to team up with an award-winning digital marketing agency at your preferred price.

Not sure what your “preferred price” is just yet? No problem! Start by discussing what a proper budget would look like with your team. How great is the need for a jolt in your digital marketing strategy? Do you have any specific tactics you’re looking for help in (EX: SEO, PPC ads, etc.)? Are you willing to take this cost out of your annual advertising budget?

Whatever price you and your team come up with, be sure to stick to it. If a digital agency you’re talking to can’t meet that price point, then they’re out of the running.

2. Target Your Needs

Every company has specific needs or answers that they’re searching for in their flawed digital marketing strategy.

For example, some might need guidance on proper search engine optimization tactics. Others might need an expert’s touch on how to hone-in on target buyers with their pay-per-click ad campaigns.

Even if your answer is “I don’t know what I need,” then you have a need for information and mentoring on digital marketing best practices. Only an experienced digital marketing team can provide you with that!

For those of you who have a few in-house marketing employees, what areas do they need support in? Perhaps they just need a few more hands helping them push the blog on your website to generate more organic traffic.

Remember, this will be as much of a learning process as it will be a service. Simply find your company a passionate agency that’s dedicated to applying and teaching their knowledge to the brands that hire them.

3. Brainstorm Your Goals

Even if you don’t know a thing about marketing, you can still think of a few outcomes (goals) that you’re hoping to achieve by hiring an agency. For instance, some of your goals might include more organic website traffic, creating a bigger social media following, or generating more e-commerce sales on your site — the list goes on and on. It’s important to highlight those goals before reaching out to prospective digital marketing agencies to see how they plan to help you reach those goals.

Having those goals outlined will help you develop questions to ask each agency during the interview phase. The trick is to create questions that give you a glance behind the curtain without giving away their “secret formula.”

For example, what recommendations would they have for your current website layout? Are there any glaring issues they can identify with your goals? What does the timeline look like for seeing measurable results for their services?

If the company tries to impress you with marketing jargon and excessive claims, then cross them off your list. You want to work with the services that will put it in terms that you can understand and learn from.

4. Pay Attention to the Chemistry Factor

Hopefully, if all goes well, the digital marketing agency that you hire will become a business partner for many years to come. Because of that, you want to find a service that you can legitimately envision working with for the long haul. You’ll need a digital marketing service that’s scalable and flexible to your company’s growth.

An interview process is a perfect place for that discussion. It allows you to talk with prospective agencies and get a feel for what it would be like to communicate with them on projects. If you find yourself sketched out by certain claims they make or if something they say seems too good to be true, it probably is. Instead, be sure to take the time and find a marketing agency that you feel confident in.

Once you find that marketing agency, don’t be afraid to make your move. As long as it works out, you’ll never wonder “what if?” on the services you said “no” to.

5. Ask About Their Process

Each digital marketing agency has a different process on how they conduct business. You want to make sure you see eye to eye with whatever that process looks like; more importantly, how involved will you (the customer) be in said process. 

Will you be in constant communication with your representative? Will you have access to insights on the marketing campaigns and tactics they implement? Any trustworthy marketing agency will be happy to flaunt their award-winning process and shed light on what that looks like from the customer’s end.

How to Choose a Digital Agency: Jump on the Right Fit!

The key on how to choose a digital agency is finding one that lines with your ideas; when you find it, jump all over it. Be diligent in the interview process until you find the right business partner. In the meantime, check out this article on 5 small business marketing tactics that can yield significant results with minimal costs attached.

For more inquiries, be sure to fill out our online contact form and we’ll be happy to assist you further! Contact us today to kick-start your customized digital marketing campaign.

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