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Build a Better Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Law Firm

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Navigating the digital landscape for lawyers and legal practitioners can prove to be problematic in 2021 without the right marketing strategy. Traditionally, most firms have found success through word-of-mouth referrals and print advertising in the local paper. Today, it’s all about finding and connecting with the right clients through search engines like Google, and it all begins with a well-designed website to create the optimal user experience (UX).

Whether you’ve already started with search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, or social media marketing, or not – all avenues ultimately lead back to your website, which is where it’s most important to improve users’ conversion rate and get your phone ringing.  

To help separate your law firm from the competition, your website needs to not only showcase your legal expertise but also must be responsive, technically sound, and adhere to Google’s best practices if you want to rank on the first page in 2021. 

If your legal practice is struggling to generate qualified leads online, you’re going to need some actionable tips to boost your website’s visibility. That’s why 1SEO’s law firm marketing experts are here to break down the most essential elements of a law firm’s website and all of the things you’ll want to include.

Website Design for Law Firms in 2021

Regardless of your law firm’s track record in the courtroom nor the success you’ve had with lead generation in years prior, the most crucial piece of your internet marketing strategy in 2021 relies on a website that ranks in the search results, drives user traffic to your pages, and gets your target audience to pick up the phone or submit a contact form.

Here are the eight items you’ll want to focus on:

Clearly Display Your Practice’s Area of Expertise

Here’s a quick exercise for you. Open a new tab of your web browser and navigate to your law firm’s homepage. Without scrolling, ask yourself this one question. Can you clearly identify who you are and the core legal services offered by your practice in the first couple of seconds once the page loads?

People need lawyers for all kinds of reasons, and few realize how many niche areas of legal expertise there truly are. So it’s up to you to create the path of least resistance by making sure that your firm’s core focus is highlighted in the headline and on-page content on your homepage and across your site.

If implemented correctly, users will know exactly who you are, what you do, and why you’re the one they should contact for their legal needs within the first couple seconds of landing on one of the pages on your website. You never want potential clients to have to click from page to page to find what they’re looking for.   

Practice Professionalism Should Be Clearly Conveyed

Hiring a lawyer is a difficult, and often life changing, decision. That’s why you need to clearly demonstrate the credibility of your practice by showing website visitors who your firm is and what you’re all about with the right online marketing plan. 

Believe it or not, end-users want to see the real people they’re going to be interacting with if they opt for your firm to take their case. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you avoid using stock photographs on your site at all costs! 

Build Sense of Security through Trust and Transparency

Potential clients need to know that they can trust your legal practice above all else. Make sure your website includes social proof and case studies of success stories. 

Integrating website features such as pulling in your Google My Business reviews, client testimonial videos, or noteworthy publications will go a long way in earning the trust, and hopefully a booked consultation, of a prospective client. Don’t forget that your positive reviews and happy clients are the best (free) marketing tools available!  

Make Sure Your Firm’s Branding is Clear and Consistent 

With so much noise and competition crowding up the legal services sector, your brand needs to stand out from the crowd with a modern, eye-catching website design. 

Whether we’re talking about your site or across your firm’s social media profiles, you need to have brand consistency to keep your firm at the top of your target audiences’ minds whenever and wherever they see your brand online.  

Strategic CTAs and Lead Forms to Drive Conversions

You don’t want to saturate your firm’s website with too many call to actions (CTA), sending mixed messages and dissuading end-users from getting in touch with your legal experts. Don’t get too fancy and keep your CTAs clear and concise with the appropriate action you want users to take depending on which page of your site they land on. 

Create Strong Blog Content Focusing on Your Main Area of Practice

Your law firm’s blog page, if appropriately utilized, offers a multitude of benefits for your practice. With a strong content marketing strategy, you have the opportunity to rank for new keywords based on the types of search queries and questions potential clients have, but it also displays your firm’s expertise and authority in your industry. 

To generate quality leads with blog content, you don’t want to overcomplicate the subject you’re speaking to. Make sure you avoid selling your services too much and serve as a trusted legal resource with trusted information. 

Adhere to Google’s E-A-T Checklist

Last but certainly not least is Google E-A-T. This acronym stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness – and these are three core factors that play into how your firm’s website ranks and performs from an organic standpoint. 

As search engines like Google continue to improve their platform for end-users, they want to be sure they’re recommending only the best of the best available for customers. By displaying your firm’s expertise and authority within your space and building trust with anyone who visits your site, you can expect to see a boost in the rankings and more traffic flooding to your site throughout 2021. 

Are you unsure what your website’s E-A-T score is? Take 1SEO’s E-A-T quiz and see where you stand from the leading provider in law firm digital marketing.

Start Winning Online with 1SEO Digital Agency

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Author: Casey Quinn

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