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Friends, Follows, Fans, and Forums: Hacks to Tweak Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you’re probably aware of the increasingly dramatic impact social media has had on small businesses during that time period. In fact, it’s safe to say the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others have transformed the landscape entirely — quickly becoming incredibly powerful digital marketing tools along the way.

10 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Social Media Marketing


But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Let’s take a quick glance at the staggering numbers:

Social Media in 2020 — By the Numbers

Facebookover 4.4 billion visitors each month (that’s more than the total populations of China and India!)

Instagrammore than 500 million active accounts

Pinterest —  over 300 million users  

And let’s not forget that 70% of Americans use social media, with the average person having 8+ unique social media accounts — and most of them are checking their accounts several times a day. All these numbers add up to one thing — the fact that social media can help you get more eyes on your brand. From there, you can grow and connect with your audience, increase traffic to your site, generate leads, and  — perhaps most importantly — make more money.  

Ok, so, you’re probably saying, “Yeah Chris, I already know this. I post regularly on Facebook, send a Tweet here and there, and keep my Instagram account updated.” 

But here’s the thing — just because you’re posting on social media platforms doesn’t mean you’re doing it right. In fact, you may be screwing it up so bad that it’s actually a turn-off. That’s right, the very thing you’re using to connect with your audience could be precisely what turns them away from your brand, product, or services. 

Whether you’re too salesy, too boring, one-sided — or your posts just plain suck — if you’re not using social media correctly, it can work against you and inhibit you from reaching your marketing goals. In short — just because you’re posting on social media doesn’t mean it’s working for you or making you money. 

Enter social media marketing. 

Smarter Social Media

While definitions can be vague or nondescript, the meat and potatoes concept behind social media marketing is the idea that there should be no cookie-cutter posts — your content should be custom-tailored to each distinct platform. Remember, each person interacts with social media differently, and each platform is designed to provide them with a unique, individualized experience — and you need to consider all this before posting.

But how do you know if your posts are amazing or abysmal? You’ve got to ask yourself some potentially tough questions. 

Social Soul Searching

Before you make your next post, consider:

Is this a conversation or merely a one-sided proclamation? 

You should be engaging with your audience, not just talking at them. Are you asking questions or posing thought-provoking ideas? Getting your audience involved in the conversation is half the battle.

Will this post generate engagement?

Getting your audience to participate is an easy way to grab — and hold — their attention. Consider contests and polls to get them in on the fun. 

Is your post too salesly?

People are painfully aware when they’re merely being marketed to. Instead of just trying to sell them something, consider entertaining your audience or providing them with something of value — building relationships is how to get them to trust your brand.

Is your content captivating?

Do you have eye-catching images or compelling videos to share with your audience? You want to stand out from the crowd, and using striking visuals can help get you noticed.

Is your post platform-driven?

Depending on the social media platform you’re posting on, you should custom-tailor it for that type of audience and content. 

While these questions are essential to ask yourself before posting any type of social media content, we’ve only just scratched the surface. For more insight into launching an effective and impactful social media marketing campaign, download our whitepaper 10 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Social Media Marketing. This guide will provide you with more tips and tricks on how to ensure you create social media posts optimized for the right platform and audience, allowing you to strengthen your brand and improve your ROI. 

For more information on 1SEO’s social media marketing campaigns, or any of the other offerings in our full suite of digital marketing services, contact us today!

About the Author:

Chris Shirlow is 1SEO’s Director of Content, and a self-proclaimed “Content Assassin.” He’s written international award-winning content and has a penchant for shooting fellow employees with Nerf guns. His favorite dish is porcelain.

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