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Let’s Talk About It: How Live Chat Can Improve Your Customer’s Experience And Generate Brand Loyalty

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In the current age, people will research everything on the internet. From Lovecraft Country theories, confirming whether the Florida Marlins have ever lost a playoff series (the answer to that is no), and the best home services businesses are in their area. Once they land on your site after a quick Google search, they look through the site for what sets you apart from the competition.

Top 3 Ways to Get Live Chats for
Home Services


You can have an expertly-designed site that’s been fully optimized for SEO, with excellent content and an impressively sleek user experience, but still lose out on leads. A potential lead might have a specific issue that they need addressing, but don’t immediately see on the page how you can help. At that point, instead of digging deeper, they may bounce off of your site and move onto the next listing on their web search. Now you may ask yourself, “Is there any possible way I can turn that missed opportunity into a conversion?” Luckily, with the help of live chat on your home page, you can!

In an age where instant gratification is expected, it’s your job to sell prospective customers on your business, identify their pain points, and provide a solution as quickly as possible. If not, it’s more than likely that their next visit will be to your competition. 

Whenever You Chat Me, I’ll Be There

One of the main benefits of a live chat window is establishing an open line of communication between you and your customers. With HVAC, and other home services emergencies, people may be facing difficult situations that they haven’t encountered before and have increased levels of anxiety over the problems, and often time is of the essence. 

The live chat window gives your customers a place to address their concerns immediately, and with an actual person. This augmented personal interaction helps your audience build confidence in you and your team’s knowledge of HVAC, plumbing, or other home services issues, allowing them to trust that you have the solutions they need. With that level of accessibility comes expectations to be on call at all hours of the day. At the same time, that expectation remains unrealistic, using chatbots with a preprogrammed array of responses to help in the interim. 

To gain the most benefit from a live chat service, you need someone — or a couple of someones — to help handle the chat during your hours of operation. These knowledgeable employees can respond to questions quickly and assure your customers that their particular situation matters to your team. 

About Those Pain Points

While “pain points” look like another industry buzzword, it represents a critical aspect of understanding your customers and any unresolved issues they may have. Pain points represent the issues that have continued to plague your customers throughout the process of securing home services. Live chat not only allows you to address the concerns of your customers immediately, you also have saved chat histories that allow for your company’s key decision-makers to comb through and discover specific pain points. By identifying these issues for particular customers, you can find any overarching pain points common across your customer base. By recognizing these pain points and how they affect your customers, you can take a concentrated approach to address each of these issues and improve your response to customer concerns. 

Live chat becomes an essential tool for following up with customers in terms of their ongoing pain points. If you can transition these pain points into actionable results, you can build the confidence and trust they have with your brand more effectively. 

Conversation Goes Both Ways

Everyone wants to feel like they have your undivided attention. Your customers don’t want to get the impression that they are just another number in your task list. While having a responsive live chat can help give them those positive feelings, there are still ways that everything can go wrong during the chat. During the process, you want your person handling the chat services on your end to be open, accommodating, and responsive to the customer’s needs. Additionally, throughout the interaction, you want to place the focus on your customer and their unique needs and issues. Make the interaction personal and generate a feeling of a safe and open space for conversing. 

Be mindful of the type of language you use in the conversation. You want to convey sympathy for their home services situation and be their outlet for venting if needed; it can occasionally feel like a therapy session. Still, sometimes people need to let out their frustrations and emotions about an ongoing problem. With the right amount of patience, lending a sympathetic ear, and then following through on delivering a solution to the problem, you can continue to increase their satisfaction and generate increased feelings of trust and brand loyalty. 

Make Those Meaningful Conversions with Live Chat

The best way to grow your business remains to turn one-off customers into repeat, long term clients. You want clients to have the utmost confidence in your knowledge, abilities, and to know that their concerns are heard. In 1SEO’s most recent whitepaper, Top 3 Ways To Get Live Chat for Home Services Professionals, we talk about the benefits of incorporating live chat into your home services businesses’ website. Download the whitepaper now, and contact us to learn more about how live chat can benefit your business and customers today!

About the Author:

Dan Matthews is your friendly neighborhood content writer at 1SEO. His secret dream is to go onto Guy’s Grocery Games, win, and parlay that into a recurring role as a judge. You can find him around town sampling the finest taco spots Philadelphia has to offer.

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