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Do Lawyers Dream of Electric Mail?

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Does any business based around providing legal services, up to and including Law Firms themselves, use email for focused marketing purposes? To maintain our position as the leading digital marketing agency in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, we must confess to something we did several years back. What we did might annoy or infuriate not only some of our competitors, but also many of the businesses based in, or doing business around, the Philadelphia & Central New Jersey region. We initially took this action with only the most innocent of intentions in our minds & hearts, truly. But we do understand how our actions might be misconstrued as having more sinister goals in mind. Without wasting any more time building this up, here’s our confession: 

Top 3 Email Marketing Mistakes Made By The Legal Services Industry​

What we did, that some might find questionable, was to sign up for somewhere around 6,000 email subscriptions (and counting), for just about every new & existing company in a large geographic circumference around our Bristol, Pennsylvania headquarters. Quite honestly, there may be one or two business categories that, to date, have yet to be added to our subscription lists, but we can’t think of everything. Why did we do this; when we never purchase whatever it is that they’re selling? We wanted to see who was doing email marketing well and who was missing their marks. We wanted to know what others were using as incentives for their clients, so we didn’t more or less duplicate similar strategies and offers for our clients. Our goal was to serve our customers within those numerous business lines to the best of our capabilities. Having done just that, we also learned a lot.
One of the takeaways from this ongoing experiment leads us to the question we asked at the start, regarding the use of email marketing by Lawyers and Legal Service providers. Out of more than 300 Law & Legal Services businesses that we’ve signed up to receive emails from, less than ⅓ were sending out any email marketing of any nature at all. Of the ones that are, they are not doing this with any regularity, and even fewer are providing useful or relevant information within these emails – certainly little content that would make a prospective client think to themselves, “gee, I just can’t wait for the next email from the law offices of Dewey, Cheatham & Howe!” Yes, we are 3 Stooges fans here; but we are even bigger fans of Legal Services providers who are maximizing their email marketing opportunities. We can’t correct every mistake these agencies make with regularity, but we thought we might lend a hand by providing you with our Top 3 Email Marketing Mistakes Made By The Legal Services Industry. 
“Practice” Makes More Perfect: With no puns intended, rare is when anyone gets anything right on the first attempt. We learn how to improve via trial & error, so don’t be afraid to experiment with more than one approach before deciding which works better. Be sure to have a reliable way of measuring the results of your testing, and constantly seek to refine the poorer performers and incorporate them into more successful efforts.
Constantly Expand Your Jury Pool:  Every new contact you make, be it through official channels, networking events, or in more casual settings, has an email address. More importantly, many of these people are potential future clients, whether they know it or not. Be sure to keep expanding your email databases by adding these names & addresses to them, with their permission, of course, because you never know where your next revenue stream might be flowing.
Unsurpassed Return-On-Investment (ROI): No pun here; just the sharing of a little known fact: email marketing has the highest ROI of any commonly-used marketing campaign, so before you shoot your next TV commercial, think about a more cost-effective solution to reach your target audiences.
It took many years of education & internship before you got anywhere close to judicature, and it takes a similar time & practice to become a successful email marketer. You can implement the tips provided herein as part of your current campaign strategies. To get your complete Digital Marketing portfolio headed on the right path on every level, contact 1SEO for your no-charge program analysis.

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