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Don’t Accountants, Bankers & Chiropractors Believe in Coupons?

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Perhaps that question might be a silly one to ask, but we beg for your indulgence as we will shortly explain the premise behind the inquiry. In this day and age, just about every business, and seemingly every industry that sells a service, uses some form of email marketing that gets sent directly to their intended target audience, sent straight to the target audience. The primary purpose is to generate new leads and sales from previous and current customers, and to grow & expand their market share by gaining new future customers. The majority of today’s direct-to-consumer communications are via email marketing. This method has the quickest turnaround time from concept to delivery, as well as the lowest cost-per-unit of any format available.

Top 3 Email Marketing Mistakes Made By The Professional Services Industry

Back to the initial question posed: Of all the email offers the average consumer receives in the Philadelphia & Central New Jersey regions, the ones sent by those small businesses categorized in the Professional Services vertical seem to take the least advantage of this form of marketing. Those considered to be in the “Professional Services” category include Doctors & Dentists, Bankers & Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, and many other so-called “white-collar” professions. Perhaps the assumption is that the fees they charge for the services they provide are “competitive” with others in their fields, so no exclusive savings opportunities are necessary. Maybe it’s that some think of themselves as “indispensable.” Consequently, why should they need to take any extra steps in securing new or existing clientele?  
While still unsure as to the rationale behind the limited use of email marketing by those in the Professional Services industries, we are sure that of those using email to market their businesses, many commit mistakes. Silly mistakes, perhaps; but errors that will cost their companies the opportunity to grow & expand. Many of the most commonly made mistakes are obvious ones – or maybe just obvious to those in the digital marketing world; and the degree to which each error affects the long-term financial success of each business varies greatly. Of all the failures we see, we think it best to provide you with our Top 3 email Marketing Mistakes made by the Professional Services Industry.
You’re Welcome! Every name & email address that gets added to your company’s master list has a dollar value to your business. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but if they took the time to attach themselves to your subscription list, they are a potential revenue source. Therefore, the moment after their email address is added to your list, make sure you send them an immediate email. If for no other purpose, to at least say “thank you,” and maybe you wish to send them a coupon or discount offer to incentivize them to purchase your services sometime sooner rather than later?
Do It – Do It NOW! As lovely as it is to say “thank you,” the purpose of sending anything is to create a prompt to use your service. This prompt is known as creating a Call-To-Action or CTA. These CTA’s shouldn’t leave the recipients to guess what action it is that you wish for them to take, and the emails containing your CTA’s should only include one CTA per email – otherwise, you stand the chance of creating confusion, which often results in no action at all!
You Are Looking Good! Remember that most often, your target audience will be a mature, affluent one, likely well-educated and informed, and that your business is a Professional Service. Therefore, your email pieces should have a professional appearance and be well written, reflecting the quality of your business every step of the way.
If you wish for your email marketing to align with your business goals of generating more leads, sales, and profit, be sure to implement these minimum guidelines. And if you want to learn just how well – or poorly – your current email marketing strategies & campaigns are doing, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a more complete – and no obligationDigital Marketing Analysis.

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