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The winners of the US Social Media Awards for 2020 were announced on Wednesday, July 15th, and 1SEO is proud to announce having been selected as winners in 4 of the 18 individual categories. Judged by a council of our peers, who were judging hundreds of submissions in 18 different categories from competitive digital agencies all over the country, we are thrilled that our work is so highly regarded.
We know how much time & effort we put into the digital marketing portfolios of each of our clients. The size of their company matters little to us, nor does the nature of their business. The only thing that matters to us is that they come to us hungry. That hunger can take many shapes: Wanting to increase their brand awareness; or to help them grow their businesses; or to rise above their competitors in the minds & eyes of their target audience. 
Every prospective client has a different vision-quest in mind for where they want their businesses to go, but the direction is always up. We know how challenging it can often be to help them go from where they are to where they wish to be; and we always make sure that their expectations are realistic before we work together. But once we agree to take the steps from fantasy to reality together – that’s when the real work begins.
For over a decade, satisfied clients have been singing our praises. Praises of how we delivered above & beyond on the promises we made to them, and how impactful the work we did on their behalf has been. But for us, what makes all the long days, late nights & weekends spent ignoring our families just a bit sweeter is when our work receives recognition within our industry and is shared with the world – and that has just happened!
Of the four social media marketing awards received, three were in “best use of social media” categories; 2 being for individual vertical categories, and the 3rd being Best Social Media Campaign  – no specific vertical; just the best social media campaign, period. As honored as we are for each of those awards, the fourth might perhaps be the most prestigious. That award is for Best Integrated Campaign, which, as the name suggests, uses a blend of several social media platforms – akin to having been awarded the “Best In Show” at the Westminster Kennel Club! 
The entire team at 1SEO wishes to thank all involved for reminding us that doing our best might genuinely be the best. Now – back to work…


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