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9 Advantages of Using Bumper Ads on YouTube to Grow Your Brand

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With the explosion of video content marketing and the shrinking of attention spans, businesses looking to boost brand awareness have a perfect opportunity to do so using six-second bumper ads on YouTube.    

If you don’t already know what bumper ads are or what they can do for your brand, check out these advantages below:


Advertisers who use bumper ads pay Google based on impressions. And since Google uses CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) to calculate the cost for this format, you’re only charged once every 1,000 times your ad is displayed.

When you combine the reduced impact that these ads have on the viewing experience with the fact that viewers don’t have a skip button, you have a perfect opportunity to make an affordable, lasting impact on your target audience.        

Limited Disruption on Viewing Experience

Since these bite-sized video ads play for just six seconds or less, they’re significantly shorter than the 15 to 30-second commercial spots viewers have been used to for so long.

Instead, these short, engaging clips slide into view, deliver a concise message, and then quickly get out of dodge before they could even be considered an annoyance.  


By using a video ad format that viewers are unable to skip, you increase the chances that your ad remains directly in front of the eyes of potential customers before, during or after the main attraction.

Although YouTube’s pre-roll video ads are also non-skippable, this format fails to provide a user experience as satisfying as bumpers. Typically running between 15 and 20 seconds long, pre-roll ads come across as more of an inconvenience to viewers.  

A third format available on YouTube is trueview in-stream ads, which includes the “Skip Ad” feature so many of us take advantage of upon reaching the required five-second mark.

These clips can play for up to 30 seconds, which is a large chunk of time. But if you were to create a full-length trueview ad, viewers who choose to skip once the button appears would be exposed to only 16 percent of your message.

That’s why bumpers ads are an ideal option for both your brand and especially members of your target audience. While viewers may not be able to skip these clips, they are hardly a nuisance as the ads play for just six seconds. You can deliver your message in full with minimal disruption.  

Improved Ad Recall

Bumper ads are short on time, but they’re long on impact. In 2016, Google tested over 300 bumper campaigns and found that 9 out of 10 led to a “significant lift in ad recall.”

This finding suggests that bite-sized video ads aren’t “too short” to register in the minds of viewers. Rather, it appears that they provide just enough time to plant a seed about the promoted elements of your brand.  

Boosted Brand Awareness

The primary goal of most online advertising is to drive quality traffic to a brand’s website, increasing conversions. Even so, bumper ads can be delivered with an additional motive in mind: brand awareness.

By capturing the attention of viewers with video ads that are quick, clean and concise, more people are familiarized with your brand. This way, potential customers will see your business as an authority online.       

Appeals to Short Attention Spans

In a world of shrinking attention spans, it’s crucial your advertising efforts are focused around easily digestible forms of content. Brevity is key when attempting to attract the interest of potential customers, especially those on mobile devices.

Bumper ads are a fail-safe in this sense, because of their six-second window. If you create an ad that’s too long or complex, you obliterate the chance of leaving a lasting impression on members of your target audience.

Leverages YouTube’s Immense Reach

Did you know YouTube has over 1.5 billion online users flocking to its site every month? It’s no wonder it stands as the second most popular social media platform next to Facebook.

With video content stealing the spotlight across the Internet, you can spend your ad budget wisely by placing your ads where you know users interact most. And since YouTube advertising is ran through AdWords, you can use advanced strategies to deliver personalized ads to your specific market.   

Whether you want to focus on interests or demographic groups—like age, gender, parental status or household income—you have all the data you need to narrow in on the users that matter most. You also have other targeting strategies to choose from, including affinity audiences, custom affinity audiences and in-market audiences.  

Various Retargeting Strategies

Linking your YouTube channel directly to your AdWords account lets you create remarketing lists designed to retarget users that already completed YouTube related actions, including:

    • Viewed any video from a channel
    • Viewed certain videos
    • Viewed any video (as an ad) from a channel
    • Viewed certain videos (as ads)
    • Subscribed to a channel
    • Visited a channel page
    • Liked any video from a channel
    • Added any video from a channel to a playlist
    • Commented on any video from a channel
  • Shared any video from a channel

Offering numerous ways to reach your existing audience, YouTube remarketing makes it effortless to capitalize on your ad spend and increase your ROI while running PPC videos through Google.

The Opportunity to Create a Series of Vignettes

By creating a number of distinct ads, each highlighting unique elements of your brand, you can string together a series of videos through the use of a common theme. 

Voiceovers, music and emotion–especially comedy–work particularly well in bumpers by helping to tie everything together for viewers. This way, members of your audience can fully grasp the message of each ad, while drawing connections between the individual videos you’ve created.

Final Word

Integrating online video production into your PPC advertising campaign offers many advantages for growing your brand. Making use of bumper ads is an affordable investment that capitalizes on the ever-shortening attention spans of consumers, and improves ad recall and brand awareness.

In addition, advanced targeting lets you show ads only to the viewers that you want to reach across Youtube’s enormous audience.

Now that you know how bumper ads work, it’s not a question of if, but how your brand is going to take advantage of these six, precious seconds of time.

As one of the top PPC agencies in the country, 1SEO Digital Agency can help you launch a bumper ad campaign that delivers a rewarding ROI. Contact us today to speak with a certified pay per click manager!

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