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4 Pay-Per-Click Tactics Your HVAC Company Needs to Start Using Now

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In an overcrowded HVAC market, it can be hard to stand out amongst the competition. You’ve tried numerous traditional marketing tactics like direct mail postcards, radio broadcasting, and magazine ads, but the phone still isn’t ringing like you were hoping. If you’re tired of investing your HVAC company’s hard-earned dollars into marketing campaigns that aren’t growing your business, it’s time to make the switch to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Whether your HVAC company is interested in getting a slice of the PPC pie, or would just like to bolster your current PPC campaign, here are four PPC tactics you need to start using now.

1. The Right Keyword Strategy

To begin, you will need to use the right keyword strategy. As an HVAC business owner, you want to identify and choose the search terms that are most relevant to what it is you are trying to sell. For example, during the summer months, almost any type of air conditioner service is going to be in high-demand and drive the most leads to your business. Therefore, it’s wise to develop single keyword ad groups (SKAG) for a more targeted campaign resulting in more clicks and conversions.

2. Send Traffic to the Appropriate Landing Page

A very common mistake HVAC companies tend to make is sending all of their PPC traffic to the homepage of their website. This only creates an extra step for the customer who will then have to manually search your site for AC repair, as that was the purpose of the ad they clicked on. And while it may take a little extra time and effort on your pay-per-click agency, it’s totally worth it to point your ad to the appropriate landing page. Sending users to the correct landing page doubles, if not triples the effectiveness of an HVAC PPC campaign.

3. Institute Call Tracking

If you are in the service industry, phone calls are the lifeblood to your business. Yet without knowing how or where the customer got your phone number, it’s challenging to understand the value of the various marketing strategies you are using.  And when it comes to your PPC advertising, the benefits of call tracking cannot be understated. With PPC call tracking you will be able to tie specific keywords to unique phone numbers, which in turn will give you a better picture of the leads that come in for each keyword. This one simple change, attaching unique phone numbers to keywords is a game-changer. With it you’ll find more accurate ROI data, landing page performance (which pages are getting the most phone calls), and a better look into how to make your PPC campaign more effective.

4. Don’t Forget to Use Ad Extensions

If you want to give your PPC ads every chance possible to get a click, you cannot forget to use ad extensions. And with HVAC services being a locally-oriented search, for the most part, there are many extensions that will give you some leverage against the competition. We’ve outlined a few extensions and how they are useful in a PPC campaign.

Call Extensions

These will allow the user to call your office directly from an ad. Call extensions are great for mobile search due to the vast amount of people searching on their phone as they stand next to their broken HVAC unit in the basement of their home.

Location Extension

As we previously stated, people looking for HVAC services are going to want a local business. When you use location extensions on your PPC ads, you make it super convenient for your customers to reach you, and it can improve your ads click-through-rate (CTR) by 10%. BONUS: it does not cost you a dime if the user expands the map to see your location. Now that is winning!

Callout Extensions

If you want to display quick lines of text at the bottom of your ad, such as “24-hour Emergency Service” or “Quick Response Time” then you need callout extensions. Similar to site links, callout extensions will allow you to highlight your company’s unique selling points and improve the overall performance of your ads.

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